20 Things to do with Under 5’s! (plus Free Factsheet Download)

20 things to do with Under 5’s!


Wondering how you might keep your children entertained without spending a fortune?

Would you like your children to use their imaginations, appreciate the fun that can be had in and around their home and even learn how good it feels to be rewarded when they achieve something?

We have 20 fun filled activities and ideas for parents and kids to do over the summer holiday- suitable for under 5’s!

1. Build a den or camp in the garden or inside if it’s a wet day.

2. Have a teddy bears picnic

3. Make a list of the ingredients needed to make fairy cakes, go to the shop and buy them and come home and make them.

4. Make your own playdough. Go to theimaginationtree.com/play-dough-recipe for a tried and tested recipe. kids-magazine-collagePick a theme and make as many objects based on that theme as you can. For example, farms, food, dinosaurs etc…

5. Look at www.sparklebox.co.uk for lots of free printable resources to help with literacy and numeracy and also find lots of pictures to print and colour

6. Put plastic animals in a tub and add water. Freeze overnight and then set children the challenge of freeing the animals! You could provide salt and a range of utensils to help them break down the ice.

7. Cut up a magazine or catalogue and use the pieces to create a collage

kids-make-your-own-gingerbread-men8. Make & decorate biscuits or gingerbread men

9. Design your own picnic for lunch or tea and take it to the park or even to a den/camp in the garden.

10. If you are feeling brave, create a giant picture using paint on hands and feet. Stick large sheets of paper together (Tip: use the reverse side of old wallpaper if you have any!) and put it in the garden. Provide paint in small trays and let children get creative! You could use the paddling pool as an initial bath if it gets really messy!

11. Write a postcard to your grandparents, go to the post office to buy a stamp and post it!

12. Go to the library and choose a book you could read to a younger brother or sister or one an older sibling could read to you!

13. Make up a dance routine to your favourite song and put on a performance for your Mum and Dad or friends

14. Go on a nature walk and collect ten different items- feathers, leaves, stones, bark, moss etc.. Anything that doesn’t destroy the natural environment.

15. If you can cope with the possible mess– go around the house/garden and find one item beginning with each letter of the alphabet (The next activity could be putting everything back where you found it!)

16. Make popcorn, set the front room up like a cinema and watch a film together. Talk about your favourite parts of the film afterwards.

17. Make a collage of animal pictures– you could pick your favourite animal and find as many pictures as you can of the same animal or choose a theme like farm animals. You could have any theme for the collage really and use old magazines and newspapers to find as many relevant pictures as you can.

18. Set up a treasure hunt in the garden or around the house. Provide clues to help find the treasure. This might be better for slightly older children.

19. Make your own pizza’s and eat them for lunch or teakids-mini-pizzas

20. Learn a new skill– how to skip, stay on your scooter, ride your bike, jump, hoola hoop etc…


You can download the above list as a free factsheet here:

20 Things for Under 5’s

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