The 2015 Hersham Sunflower Competition

If you live in Hersham why not grow a Sunflower and enter the Hersham Sunflower Competition? 

Entries will be judged in early September by representatives from Hersham in Bloom in the following four categories:

1. Tallest – measured to the highest part of the plant
2. Nearest to a particular measurement between 2 feet and 7 feet randomly selected on the day before judging
3. Best street facing front garden display featuring several sunflowers
4. The street with the most number of sunflowers in different front gardens visible from the street.

There will be a £25 cash prize for the tallest sunflower; and a £25 Squires voucher for the winners of prize categories 2 and 3.  For category 4, participating households in the winning street will each receive a certificate and a free packet of seeds.

The competition is partly about seeing who will win the prizes – but Hersham Residents Association (the HRA) who are coordinating the initiative, say that it’s also about creating a community event that everyone of all ages can get involved in.

It’s also about making Hersham beautiful with as many flowers as possible on display around Hersham.  That’s why some of the prize categories are designed to encourage flowers in front gardens of any height. Even if you don’t grow a sunflower, the aim is that you will see them growing all around the village.

The initiative is sponsored by Squires Garden Centre in Hersham and supported by Flowers and Things and Hersham in Bloom.  The organisers want the competition to have a real community feel to it, but of course that will depend on as many Hersham residents as possible growing sunflowers – and between now and about the end of May is the time to plant your seeds!  The organisers are keen for anyone to get involved – you don’t have to be an expert gardener.

The variety of sunflower seed is not specified.  Seeds may be your own or may be collected free from Flowers and Things in Hersham.  If your seeds grow and you decide you would like your sunflowers to be judged as part of the competition just email info@hershamresidents.info before the end of August.

For more information see the Hersham Residents Association website / or the Hersham Hub for further details. It you would like to support the HRA in this and other similar local initiatives – why not join them – see details on their website.