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Woof! My name’s Barney the Beagle. I live in Hersham with my lovely human family, and here’s my typical day as a canine customer of Bruce’s Doggy Day Care.




Hurrah – I’ve arrived at Bruce’s Doggy Day Care 15-acre site in Cobham for fun and games with all my doggy mates. Us Beagle’s are known for our intelligent excitable nature, so the first thing I do is sniff around our wonderful ‘Waggy Woofs’ field before doing laps and playing. Some of us go mad for hours, while the quieter ones prefer to watch from a distance or snooze in the indoor beds.

11amdogs and owners having fun_small

Even I’m feeling a little weary now, so I lie on the grass and watch the world go by and then suddenly I’m off again. Some of the Bruce’s Doggy Day Care carers have set-up an agility course and I want to be a part of it – look how high I can jump everyone!


Double woof; it’s lunchtime! Not all the dogs eat lunch (particularly the greedy Labradors), but the very young dogs and puppies have special nutritional needs to help them grow big and strong like me. I also have a special diet and tablets which I must take in the middle of the day, so Gemma my carer makes sure I have the correct amount and that it’s all gone. Yum, yum – thanks Gemma!


Suddenly the sun has come out and it’s very hot, so I lie in the shade while the carers top up our doggy swimming pools and then splash I’m in! It’s great fun and nice and cool.


It will soon be time to go home, but first I have my teeth brushed and coat rubbed down and dried. Did you know the reason us dogs have so-called ‘dog breath’ is not just the food we eat, but the fact our teeth are not properly brushed regularly?


On my way home after another busy day at doggy day care. It’s such great fun, but I’m very tired now and looking forward to cuddling up on the sofa with my human family. And then it’s back again tomorrow to do it all over again – yippee!

Bruce's Doggy Day Care

Bruce’s Doggy Day Care is an award-wining dog crèche offering London and Surrey dogs exceptional day care, boarding and grooming services.
Located in Cobham in over 15 acres of private countryside, the centre boasts three fully fenced fields, each with a swimming pool, agility course, heated indoor area and gazebo.
020 7205 2230
facebook.com/brucesdoggydaycare @brucesdogdays @brucesdogdays

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