Bike Theft – Dont Lose Your Wheels!

Bike Theft – Dont Lose Your Wheels!

Bicycles are a great way of getting out and about. they are cheap to run and help keep you fit and active.

Unfortunately bikes, when left unattended, are an easy target for thieves. Theft of bicycles in the Hersham and Walton area has increased over the past several months.

By following the following advice, you could lessen your chances of becoming a victim of bicycle crime.

  • Register your bikes serial number on, so if your bike does unfortunately get stolen immobilise the police will have a better chance of recovering it.
  • Photograph your bike and write a description of it, this is so you can report it accurately if stolen.
  • Invest in a good bike lock – hardened steel D-shaped locks are recommended as the minimum standard.
  • Bicycles are often taken from their owners home. reduce the likelihood of this happening by storing your bike locked (using your bike lock) within a locked garage or shed.

Whilst out and aboutstolen-bike

  • Always secure your bicycle – even if you are leaving it for just a minute or so.
  • Lock your bike to an immovable object, such as a bike rack or solid street furniture. Park it safely and considerately – without creating a hazard or obstruction.
  • secure removable parts and lock wheels and frame together.
  • remove quick release saddles, panniers, lights and bike computers.
  • Avoid parking your bike in a dimly lit or isolated area.
  • Don’t leave your bike in the same place on a regular basis, this will prevent it being stolen to order.


  • Don’t risk buying a second hand bike.
  • If you do buy a second hand bike, make sure the seller does own it. Ask for proof of purchase or a manual.
  • Check for previous security marking, usually on the underside of the bike.
  • Only buy new bikes from a registered  dealer.


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PC Neil Bourn

I have been a serving surrey police officer since 2003, I started my career at Esher police station on response dealing with all emergency crimes. In 2009 I left response and joined the neighbourhood team for Hersham, which is still my current role. In 2012 I received a chiefs commendation in relation to an incident at Sandown Park whereby I was first officer on scene at a stabbing to a male in his throat, due to my actions at scene his life was saved.
My current role as the Hersham neighbourhood officer I enjoy very much, its old style policing which suits me as the person I am. I enjoy speaking with all the residents in Hersham and carry out local meet the beats,whereby residents can come and chat to me about problems they have, this is very successful. I also carry out school patrols and attend most invites in Hersham. In the summer which not to many people know about I help St Peters church with fund raising, I raffle myself off, well my time for the day, this has been far to successful, and over the last three years of doing this have raised over £6000 for the church.

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