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Since it became a village in 1851, Hersham has grown into a strong community. Centred on its splendid green and separated from Weybridge to the west by Walton Common, from Cobham and Esher to the south and east by the river Mole and from Walton to the north by the railway, Hersham is a pleasant place to set down roots. As a firm promoter of localism Andrew supports the people of Hersham in controlling your own destiny.

Successful business leader
• Twenty-five years ago Andrew set up a national campaigning organisation, the ETA, to promote environmental transport. It campaigns for a more sustainable, safe and healthy transport future. ETA’s headquarters are in Elmbridge.

Creative innovator
• Andrew launched ETA, the world’s first carbon neutral motoring organisation. He has inaugurated National Car Free Day (now spread globally), Walk to School Day (similarly spread around the world) and 20’s Plenty for residential speed limits.

Effective councillor
• As an Elmbridge councillor Andrew currently serves on the Planning Committee, West Area Planning Committee, Electoral Review Working Group, Constitutional Review Working Group, Waterside Drive Member Reference Group and the Property Appraisal Group.

Caring resident
• Andrew has lived in Weybridge for thirty years, fourteen of those as treasurer to the Weybridge Society. He has campaigned to maintain a vibrant town centre, with a variety of shops and facilities, a safe town with 20 mph speed limits in residential roads and safe routes to school, and to have local school places for every child. He is a trustee of the Walton, Weybridge and Hersham Citizens Advice Bureau.

Man of principles
• Andrew has built a dynamic company that gave mothers full pay on maternity leave and enabled paternity leave years before our society focused on these issues. Everyone got the same contract, all had a profit share and women are on all levels of management. Andrew’s ambition was to build a sustainable company with strong social values.

A record of action

£800 tax cut for 24 million people
Against strong opposition from the Conservatives, who regarded it as unaffordable, the Liberal Democrats in coalition delivered £800 tax cut to 24 million people, ensuring nobody pays tax on the first £10,500 they earn.

£2.5 billion for children who need it most
The Liberal Democrat policy of Pupil Premium helps those children who need extra support, thus giving them a better start in life and raising standards. It helps our economy too.

2 million new apprenticeships for the young
Thanks to Liberal Democrats the number of apprenticeships has risen dramatically giving many youngsters a unique career opportunity.

Million new jobs have been created
We have got Britain working again by helping businesses create 1.7 million private sector jobs, which enable us to balance the country’s budget.

Shared parental leave, tax free childcare, free school meals
Liberal Democrats are pro-family: • Parents now decide how to share the leave • Working parents get up to £2,000 towards childcare • Every infant gets a free, healthy school meal.

£650 for today’s pensioners
Our ‘triple lock’ on the state pension means it will rise with inflation, earnings or 2.5% – whichever is highest

My key aims for the next parliament are:

  • Finish the job of balancing the budget, on time and fairly.
  • Raise the personal allowance to at least £12,500, cutting your taxes by an extra £400.
  • Protect early years, sixth form and college budgets – investment from cradle to college to raise standards.
  • Legislate to make the triple lock permanent, guaranteeing fair pension rises every year.
  • Bring back proper border checks so that we know who’s coming in and leaving Britain.

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