I am a teacher, living and working in East Molesey. For the last two years I have also been an active campaigner, leading the PHSO Pressure Group in their aim to reform the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman.

From my work as a campaigner I have come to understand that people want to live in a society with social justice where those in authority can be held to account. It is also clear that people want a democracy which works for the people and not those in power. We want our MP represent us in Parliament and not their party first.

People want a voice; not just at election time, but when important decisions are being made which will affect their lives. So I am standing as a Citizen Candidate to represent the people of Esher and Walton.

With no party whip I can listen to and vote on behalf of the constituents. I will give you a voice in Parliament throughout my term of office. Before you vote for the party, know the man. Know what your MP has already done and where he would like to take you in the future.

Check out to find information on all the key issues. Be sure you know what your vote on May 7th means for our community.

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Other Candidates:
Dominic Raab (Conservative)
Olivia Palmer (Green Party)
Andrew Davis (Liberal Democrat)
Nicholas Wood (UKIP)
Francis Eldergill (Labour)

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