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I am standing in this election because I am passionate about the local area we live in. I previously stood in the 2010 General Election. I live in Thames Ditton with my wife and two sons who attend Hinchley Wood School. I am 51 and work as an IT Consultant in financial services.

I know the problems faced by many in an area deemed wealthy but with areas of deprivation. The bedroom tax has hit many hard as have the cuts in welfare benefits, and many people are suffering the effects of no wage increases for those in work whilst prices go up. Energy prices are very high and many have difficulty in paying. I fully support Labour’s commitment to freezing energy prices until 2017 and working to lower them. Foodbanks in this area are a lifeline for many local people.

I commute to London every day and know the frustration felt when fares go up but still our trains are overcrowded. The free bus pass for elderly people has been a lifeline and I will work to keep it free. I will do the same for the over 75’s free television licence.

In 2010 the Conservatives promised to clear the UK deficit by 2015. They failed and will borrow over £200 billion more than planned. Labour will crack down on tax avoidance but also support small businesses by cutting business rates in order to generate the growth needed to revive our economy and reduce the deficit.

My key issues are transport, education, the NHS, policing and the provision of more affordable housing. I fully support Labour’s plans to raise the minimum wage and provide free childcare for three and four olds with working parents.

The NHS is really struggling despite the hard work and dedication of NHS staff. St. Peter’s Hospital recently had to declare itself in crisis, operations were cancelled and people turned away. Labour has a proud record on the NHS and we will save it with 20,000 more nurses, 8,000 more GPs and 3,000 more midwives.

There is huge pressure on school places and many parents are unable to get their child into their local school. I will work to ensure more places are available. I also fully support Labour’s plans to reduce University tuition fees.

If elected as your MP I will:

Work to support Labour’s plans to give access to GPs within 48 hours and protect our NHS and Emergency Services

Fully support Labour’s commitment to raise the minimum wage and encourage employers to adopt the living wage

Promote the Labour commitment to reduce tuition fees and provide for many more high quality fairly paid apprenticeships

Urge a Labour Government to devolve more powers to local people through elected Local Government

Ensure every railway station remains staffed at all times and preserve the free bus pass

I want to see a fair deal for Esher and Walton and, if elected, I will work hard to achieve it.

Francis Eldergill

Labour Candidate Esher and Walton Constituency

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