Dear Resident,IanDonaldson

In 2007 you elected me as your local Councillor and from the very first day I have done my best to look after your needs and wishes. I hope I will earn your trust and support once more on May 7th.

I have been involved in many Hersham issues such as road safety, bulb planting, volunteering, street cleaning, housing, drainage, planning and was involved in the Christmas festivities on Hersham Green.

I have also been active on several Council task groups and dealing with local issues to the benefit of our community, including being Chairman of the Borough’s Licensing Committee, serving as a representative on the Hersham Youth Trust and on the committee awarding grants to our fantastic voluntary sector.

There is still much that I would like to accomplish if re-elected, to continue representing your interests and keep Hersham a safe and environmentally pleasing area. I hope I can count on your vote.

Ian Donaldson’s manifesto

Ian’s pledges:

1. To reduce inconsiderate parking and speeding throughout Hersham, especially along Molesey and Burwood Roads.
2. The RES development will have a tremendous impact on Hersham and I promise that you will be kept informed and consulted as these plans progress. I will also carefully scrutinise the proposal to build a Lidl store.
3. As a member of SCC Cycling Task Group – to create new cycle lanes and routes to keep Hersham cyclists safe.
4. With Hersham residents always in mind I will strongly advocate that our Green Belt is safeguarded.

About Ian:

I have lived here with my family for most of our lives and our children and grandchildren are also locals, so I have a vested interest in ensuring that Hersham continues to be a safe, prosperous and most desirable place to live.
Putting Hersham first will always be my top priority.

I was educated at Salesian College, Chertsey and then graduated from Kingston University in Electronic & Electrical Engineering. Later I became general manager of a company in Tokyo and I subsequently founded Micro P – which has become one of Europe’s largest computer distribution companies.

Now semi-retired I have spent some time lecturing within the prison system as well as producing websites for local My spare time interests include fly-fishing and cycling.

Action For All Year Round

What we have achieved together

In November 2014 a working party including the Donaldson family, Hersham in Bloom and fellow Conservative councillors met on Hersham Village Green and planted 1000’s of daffodil and crocus bulbs in partnership with Elmbridge Borough Council.

These were also planted in front of Hersham library and by the roundabout of Queens Road/West Grove ensuring every year a beautiful display of flowers in our village.

When funding became available last year for conversion of a paddling pool to a modern splash pad, I was delighted that Hersham’s pool in the Recreation Ground was selected.
Conversion work began last autumn and the pad is now ready for its first opening soon. Like many Hersham residents I am
looking forward to bringing my family to join in the fun.

The 1st Hersham Scouts were the first to benefit from the new Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL), with a £6,000 grant to refurbish their ageing hut in Burwood Close, granted by the Local Spending Board. Chairman of the Board John Sheldon and Board member Ian Donaldson voted allocation of the whole of the first year’s money to this good cause.
New developments in Hersham are already boosting the sums expected to be available when the Board meets again later this year.

The planning application replace the ageing Rydens School buildings with modern school complex is the biggest that Hersham has seen for many years. In the coming months the outline planning permission will be amplified with detailed designs for both the school buildings and the residential housing which will fund the development. I promise to keep the
forthcoming proposals under close scrutiny, ensuring full public consultation with residents at every stage.

Conservative councillors actively supported a petition by Burwood Road residents for traffic calming and a pedestrian crossing, assisting its progress through the SCC Local Committee. The crossing is reported to have significantly reduced the risk and anxiety of pedestrians on this busy road. Further safety measures involving traffic control closer to the Hersham Green shopping area are now under consideration by your councillors, with particular attention to the route used by children walking to and from Burhill School, their numbers scheduled for a further increase.

Hersham’s Centre for the Community is cherished by all of us as a priceless social hub, and a local focus for Elmbridge’s outstanding Community Support Services. Ian Donaldson and John Sheldon are both determined supporters.
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Other Candidates:
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Samantha Fry (UKIP)

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