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I am proud to be standing for Labour in Hersham North, a ward I represented for 17 years. I am also proud of my record in standing up for Hersham and helping local people with their problems including housing, debt, accessing Council services and planning matters. I was also a Governor of Rydens School for over 20 years and I am very supportive of the plans to build a new school provided the traffic issues are resolved. It will be of great benefit to our young people. My son Kevin attended both Bell Farm and Rydens schools and his three sons all attend local schools.


These local and General Elections will be of vital importance to Hersham. It may well be the last time Hersham North ward will exist as the Conservatives have split it into 3 with the people on the Longmore Estate having to vote with Esher in future elections. It is an absolute disgrace.

What happens nationally will directly impact on the local community. The NHS is top of most people’s agenda and the Conservative and Lib Dem coalition has left it with huge problems. Our own hospital St. Peters declared itself to be in crisis recently with people being turned away and operations cancelled. Labour is committed to recruiting 8,000 more GPs, 20,000 more nurses and 3,000 more midwives and a pledge that everyone should be able to get a GP appointment within 48 hours.

The lack of affordable social homes for rent is a major problem locally. I am delighted that a future Labour Government will build 200,000 extra homes a year with first priority for local first time buyers. I am disappointed that Paragon hasn’t built the new rented homes we were promised when the Council’s housing was transferred some years ago. I am also angry that so many homes are vacant when local people desperately need them.

The dreaded bedroom tax is causing real problems for local families and I fully support Labour’s pledge to abolish it. Foodbanks are a lifeline for those in dire need and I never thought I would see them in Elmbridge. Bearing in mind that families have to be referred for a voucher by their Doctor, Vicar, Social Worker or other relevant professional people have to demonstrate they can’t feed their families without help.

Labour has pledged to protect local government services whilst the Conservatives are planning more cuts that could have a detrimental effect on Elmbridge Council’s front line services. If elected I will work to ensure that those front line services are protected and fight against cuts that would particularly affect the most vulnerable in Hersham.

Irene Hamilton
Labour Candidate Hersham North
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  1. Clare

    Hi Irene, I am still undecided on who I will vote for. So to help me with my decision I would be grateful to hear your views on the following issues.

    1. Supporting our local environment. With plans to build more affordable housing, I would like to know where these would be placed, brownfield sites? Would green belt be protected from development?

    2. Public transport. We need to get people out of their cars and without regular bus services, this won’t happen. We also need to be encouraging parents to walk children to school rather than driving.

    3. Making roads safer for cyclists.

    4. Introducing wild areas in our local parks. Planting wild flowers to help dwindelling insect numbers while reducing maintainence costs as regular mowing would not be needed in these areas.

    5. Finally, where do you stand on Fracking?

    Many thanks, Clare.

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