Dear Resident,JohnSheldon

In 2011 Hersham South voters re-elected me to to the Council, enabling me to become Mayor of Elmbridge. That brought many more opportunities to serve and promote our cherished community, encouraging local business, giving immediate help with residents’ problems, championing our Centre for the Community, assisting Burhill School, Whiteley Village, care homes, and Hersham Young Peoples’ Centre, of which I am a founder and trustee.

The challenge for me has come again with the elections on 7th May, when I will be seeking your support once more to continue the good work. I am for ever conscious that a councillor’s responsibilities include attention to the Borough as a whole, preserving services whilst keeping down costs, with benefits for all. Please return me to office once again, working for you, and contributing to our successful Conservative Administration.

John Sheldon’s Manifesto

In amplification of my manifesto I will add just two points.

First, the continuing popularity of Elmbridge as a place to live is a testament to the policies our Conservative Administration has followed, to maintain and significantly enhance our exceptional services and attractive environment, through sound financial management during a period of unprecedented fiscal pressures that have hit other boroughs very hard.

Second, to continue this outstanding success story we must keep a working majority in the Council Chamber, which we are expecting through support in every Ward in the Borough.

As ever, I am fit and keen to go on representing Hersham for another term.

John pledges to:

1. Support the good development needed to improve our amenity.
2. Combat speeding and anti-social behavior.
3. Respond promptly to residents’ appeals.
4. Promote Hersham in every way possible.

About John:

As an engineering graduate I worked at Admiralty Research Laboratory Teddington, living in Weybridge with my wife Mary. A family move to Italy came next, with a contract at the NATO Undersea Research Centre. On returning to the UK we moved to Hersham, from where our children continued their education. In 1984 I left my post as Assistant Director Naval Analysis to become Technical Director of Bendix Ocean Systems. On retirement I was drawn into local government, trusting that my background in science and technology would help in rational decision making. I am motivated by the need for wise governance, rewards for enterprise, social justice, and compassion. In leisure time I read avidly, enjoying music, cooking, gardening, and rowing.

Action For You All Year Round

What we have achieved together

The 1st Hersham Scouts were the first beneficiaries of the new Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL), with a £6,000 grant to refurbish their ageing hut in Burwood Close, granted by the Local Spending Board. As Chairman of the Board, together with Board member Ian Donaldson, I voted allocation of the whole of the first year’s money to this good cause.
New developments in Hersham are already boosting the sums expected to be available this year.

Conservative councillors promoted a petition by Burwood Road residents for traffic calming and a pedestrian crossing. The crossing is now in use, reducing the anxiety of pedestrians on this busy road.
Further measures for traffic control are under consideration by your councillors, with particular attention to the route used by children walking to and from Burhill School, their numbers scheduled to further increase.

The new school entrances in New Berry Lane raised concerns for the safety of children and parents arriving and leaving on foot, owing to lack of a proper footpath and the proximity of vehicles using the Council’s car park. I have worked to resolve these problems with the Headteacher and Chair of Governors Dorothy Clark getting an undertaking to lay walkable surfacing on the road border.

With fellow Councillor Ruth Mitchell I have helped residents of Paul Vanson Court during negotiations with the landlords Paragon CHG, concerning changes in management scheduling. Another issue for residents and staff which I have helped to mitigate has been the school traffic in New Berry Lane.

The Planning Application to replace the ageing Rydens School buildings with a modern complex is the biggest Hersham has seen for many years. Principal Mrs Nikki Shephard draws attention here to architectural features. I will keep forthcoming design proposals under scrutiny, ensuring full public consultation at every stage.

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Other Candidates:
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Simon Gordon (UKIP)
Mark Gower (Labour)

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