Nicholas Wood is standing as the UKIP parliamentary candidate for Esher and Walton.

He is a 48 year old chemistry lecturer at Kingston University.
He still occasionally works as a locum pharmacist.
Previously he worked in the pharmaceutical industry.
His PhD on antibiotics was taken at the University of Bristol.

Nicholas experienced, first-hand, interfering and unnecessary legislation from the European Union in the course of his work.
Although never previously a member of any political party, EU incompetence plus lying British Lib-Lab-Con trick politicians made him join UKIP.

Last year, Nicholas marched with the Fire Brigade against Conservative Surrey County Council fire station closures.
He stood as UKIP candidate in Elmbridge in 2014, and Surrey in 2013 gaining 29.1% of the votes.

Currently, we have to endure ridiculous European Court rulings, excess immigration, and wasting billions of our money on the EU.
These can only be stopped by leaving the EU.
Only UKIP will get us out.

UKIP recently released the 2015 manifesto. UKIP will:
• Leave the European Union, and not allow freedom of movement into the UK.
• Keep the NHS free at the point of delivery.
• Invest an extra £12 billion into the NHS; put £5.2 billion more into social care; build a dedicated military hospital; abolish hospital parking charges.
• Invest £1.5 billion into mental health and dementia services.
• Pay carers an extra £572 a year.
• UKIP will exclude the NHS from the TransAtlantic Trade and Investment Partnership that the EU is secretly negotiating with the USA.
• Stop further private-public partnership schemes – these cost taxpayers a fortune.
• End income tax on the minimum wage; raise 40% income tax to start at £55,000; scrap inheritance tax; abolish the ‘bedroom tax’; and increase the transferable personal tax allowance.
• Fund additional posts between the police, prison service and Border Agency.
• Introduce an Australian-style point-based system to control immigration.
• No benefits for migrants until at least 5 years of full taxes have been paid in the UK.
• Cut business rates for small businesses.
• Waive tuition fees for students taking a degree in science, technology, engineering, maths, or medicine.
• Increase defence spending to 2 per cent of GDP, as required by NATO.
• Build affordable homes for homeless military veterans.
• Remove stamp duty on the first £250,000 for new homes built on brownfield sites.

UKIP are contesting seats on Elmbridge Borough Council as well as the General Election.
UKIP will make your council tax as low as possible, protect Green Belt and farmland from developers, prevent building on greenbelt, and ensure frequent rubbish collections.
UKIP will pressure Surrey County Council to keep public libraries open, have enough school places, maintain roads (not pot-holed, as now), and support our fire brigade.

Samantha Fry, standing for UKIP in Hersham North, says “I believe Hersham North is a neglected area that needs real representation. I know and understand the area and will stand up for its housing needs.”
Sam works and raises her family locally, and is a leader in the cub scout pack.



Simon Gordon, the UKIP candidate in Hersham South ward, notes “Voters in Hersham are turning to UKIP as we represent their concerns. I want more money spent on local services, not the EU, foreign aid and wars.”
Simon wants to be elected to ensure local accountability, and stop the EU controlling UK local council’s contract bidding process.

In the adjacent Walton Ambleside ward, Dr Nicholas Wood opposes the proposed waste incinerator near Hersham station at Weylands.
UKIP is against building 1,000 new homes at Drakes Park that will cause massive traffic congestion and overfill already crowded schools.
Also, these houses would be almost next door to the incineration plant.

These proposed developments will adversely affect both Hersham and Walton-on-Thames.

In May 2013, UKIP gained almost 150 seats in local elections in England.
In May 2014, UKIP added over 160 more.
In May 2014, UKIP won 24 European Parliament seats – more than any other party.

Vote UKIP, get UKIP.


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Other Candidates:
John Sheldon (Conservative)
Andrew Sturgis (Liberal Democrat)
Simon Gordon (UKIP)
Mark Gower (Labour)

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