esher-pic-200Esher Ward – Council Elections May 2016

On the 9th of April we sent the following email to all candidates who have been nominated to stand for Hersham Village ward in the Elmbridge Council Elections on May the 5th 2016.

Dear Esher Ward Candidate

Here at The Hersham Hub we are committed to providing the best impartial local coverage of the forthcoming local council elections, as a little part of Hersham has now been ‘forever’ relocated to Esher we would absolutely love to hear from you!

We will be publishing candidate profiles and policy statements on The Hersham Hub website (, as well as continuous updates to The Hersham and Esher Election News FB page ( which is will also be open for any of you to post on, should you choose to engage with us.

We want to really try to bring these elections, candidates and their policies to as many local residents as possible so we will also be sharing content across all of The Hersham Hub’s social media channels reaching: our 1900+ Twitter followers; our 2100 FB Group members; our FB page which has over 3620 page likes as well as updates to our e-newsletter which goes out to over 1200 local subscribers. Not to mention the website which gets, on average, 10,000 visits per month.

I will be engaging our followers/group members and website visitors to ask suggestions for (sensible) questions/concerns to present to those of you who wish to participate, I hope to have a final list of ~10. I will post any answers/replies through the above channels, and on your website candidate profile, upon receipt.

I will be looking out for Social Media content from those of you who wish to participate in our coverage, however cannot always guarantee to catch everything – if there is anything you would specifically like me to post, RT, etc, please do tag/mention me, The Hersham Hub, @HershamHub or send me an email to

If you would like to participate please send me over:

  1. A candidate profile (i.e. an ‘About You’ piece), this can contain anything political or personal, any achievements, etc.
  2. A policy statement. What are your aims for Hersham. What message would you like us to carry to our followers/visitors.
  3. A picture if you would like one included.
  4. If you have a leaflet, flyer, etc, please send that over too, I can add this as a download on your profile page.

Regarding #2 above, please try and keep this positive and constructive. Concentrate on your own aims and ambitions rather than being critical of others.

Kind regards



To be honest, we’re rather disappointed with the weak response from many Esher candidates, for those who did respond, this is what they had to say…(and Thank You!)

Participating Candidates – In Detail!

All details below have been published in full, as recieved by the individual candidates, in the order they were received.



esher-conservatives-200Tim Oliver (left), Simon Waugh (centre), David Archer (right) – Conservatives

Policy Statement

We are very pleased indeed to welcome residents currently in Hersham as part of our electorate, following the recent electoral boundary review.

We are fighting these elections on important local issues with positive policies to tackle the fear of crime through CCTV, looking after our green belt and open spaces, opposing unsuitable and over development as well as providing young people with facilities to use their leisure time enjoyably.  Potholes and poor road surfaces are also an area we shall tackle.

We have been able to meet many of you whilst we have been out introducing ourselves on the doorstep. We shall be calling again on those households who were out, but if we have seen you yet and you have any particular issues or complaints please do contact us by email, letter or by phone.

However, it is clear from walking around the roads and from conversations we have had with you, that parking is a major problem. Because of the fairly narrow roads it is difficult for cars to pass by a parked car which is why many cars park with 2 wheels on the pavement which then often obstructs pedestrians especially those with pushchairs. Also we have noticed that cars often park very close to junctions, particularly in Molesey Close which can make it difficult at times to see if the road ahead is safe. Whilst there is no obvious or easy solution we will be organising meetings with Surrey County Council, Elmbridge Borough Council and Paragon Housing Association as the owners of the land or as the authority responsible for the highways. One suggestion may be to create more parking on the open space areas by using grasscrete –  a sort of hard standing but blending in with the grassed areas. This may take some of the vehicles off the road and improve visibility and safety for road users. We would welcome your views on this and also the use of parking restrictions or double yellow lines around these congested areas.

We want Hersham to have the best possible representation from your councillors and would therefore ask  you to support us  on May 5th. Don’t forget you have 3 votes !

Tim Oliver , David Archer and Simon Waugh

David Archer

David was first elected in May 2000 to Elmbridge Borough Council. Since that time he has been actively involved in all aspects of local life, supporting both community projects and businesses. David has lived locally for over 18 years and for much of that time was Chairman of Esher Place residents association.   David is a local businessman and has 4 grown up children. A keen rugby enthusiast, he can regularly be seen on the touchline at Esher Rugby club.

Tim Oliver

Tim has lived in the Esher area with his wife Debi and their 3 children for over 20 years. A solicitor and businessman, he has represented Esher ward at Borough and County level for over 15 years. As Deputy leader of the Council and Cabinet member for Resources Tim has been instrumental in ensuring that Elmbridge has remained on a strong financial footing as well as delivering good quality services to its residents.  Actively involved with local community projects, Tim will be raising funds for local charities when he joins the London Surrey 100 Cycle Ride in July.

Simon Waugh

Simon moved to Esher 12 years ago. He and his wife Heather have 2 children both of whom attend Esher High School.   A Chartered Surveyor by training Simon understands the local planning issues and how to protect our Green Belt.   He commutes to London and understands and is subjected to issues relating to our services and uses any influence we have to improve our Rail Services.

You can download David, Tim and Simon’s manifesto here

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Terry profile photo-200Terry Duhig – Hersham Village Society

A little bit about me: I live in Hersham on The Longmore Estate and have done so for over 25 years. I have 4 children all off whom have attended our local Hersham schools (Liam secondary school years was at a specialist school in Sussex) and 1 granddaughter who attends one of the local pre-schools 3 days a week. She also attends The Burhill Children’s Centre in Hersham with me every Friday. (the Burhill Children’s Centre is a very valuable asset to Hersham not just for our young but also for parents and grandparents). My hobbies include researching my family history and voluntary work with the Special Olympics Organisation. The sport that I am involved with within the Special Olympics is Judo, and whilst I personally am not a Judoka, I help out with the back room type of stuff that enables the coaches to coach, and the clubs to keep going. Prior to enforced medical retirement I worked in the health service as an Ambulance man for many years until a spinal injury forced me out, I then worked in Public Transport initially on the local bus service and then with Stagecoach Southwest Trains. As a retired Ambulance man I am involved with the Ambulance Service Retirement Association display team, where we take out historical ambulance equipment to various 999 emergency service days, which enables the public to see how the Ambulance Service has changed over the years, and how new technology and treatment methods have improved the chances of survival of both Trauma and Cardiac patients. I am also the Current Chairperson for The Patient Participation Group, Yellow Practice, Walton Health Centre. I am also the North Surrey contact for the Association of all speech impaired children and young adults (AFASIC). I am also a member of The Friends of Hersham Library.This is only a little bit about me more information about me can be found on my personal web site where you can also see a brief history of Hersham.
Policy Statement/what my aims are for Hersham. Hersham has been voted as the 7th best place to live in the UK, no other village or town in Elmbridge came in the top 10 places, and if I am elected I aim to keep Hersham at the very least at number 7 come next year I would like to see Hersham even higher, and to the residents of Esher I would like to see Esher appear within the top 10 as well. I firmly believe it can be done: Following the recent boundary commission changes a sizable portion of Hersham is now in the Esher ward, a lot of residents have told me and in fact I myself objected to this proposal and I will be looking to see if there are ways whereby this anomaly can be changed. As a result of these boundary changes the polling stations were also changed, and there was a proposal made by Elmbridge Borough Council that the people of Hersham who were now in the Esher Ward should vote in West End Esher a proposal that was supported by all three sitting Conservative Councillors, I am pleased to say that Elmbridge Borough Council took heed of the strongly worded letter sent in by me Terry Duhig (your Local Hersham Candidate) and we are now able to vote in the Library in Hersham. (note this fact including the letters sent in can be read on Elmbridge Councils own web site under Elections) A lot of residents have said to me about the increase of dog mess especially in parks and near schools. This is an issue that I share with them, and I am a dog owner, like many parents and grandparents I have had to clean dog mess of my granddaughters shoes. I would like to see the re-introduction of the Poop-a-Scoop scheme including the special bins, which I believe will reduce the problem, I would also look into and discus with the councils officers the possibility of a dog warden or two, to patrol the parks and leisure areas as well as the school areas with a view of at first to educate irresponsible owners (which is a minority) about the need to clear up after their dog, if this did not work then a heavier fine would need to be considered. One of the issues involving dog mess is where the part-responsible owner has picked their dogs mess up in a plastic bag there has been nowhere to dispose of it and so they often leave it either tied to a fence or on the ground, where foxes or other dogs rip the bag open this problem would disappear with the Poop-a-Scoop scheme provided bins were included: We also have a lot of pot holes in this area especially on our residential roads, and whilst this is a Surrey County Council issue as it comes under highways I would as your representive on Elmbridge Borough Council keep on at Surrey to get our roads repaired so that the pot holes are not damaging your tyres when you go/come home from work or take your children to/from school or go out for leisure. Added to this we have on the Longmore Estate, around Mole Road/Dukes Road/ Profumo Road area and in the Lower Green area of Esher we have a lot of youngsters who play on their cycles and these pot holes can be very dangerous to them as children have a higher risk of coming off their cycles.


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Susan Citron – Esher Residents Association

(No image supplied) I am a retired Health Visitor, have lived in Esher for 38 years with my husband, a retired physician. I have bee on the ERA committee since 2009 & am currently the Hon. Sec. My main concerns are protecting the Green Belt against over development, particularly since the Conservative government are relaxing the rules on Green Belt building. I am also concerned about the amount of litter in Esher. I don’t  know if this is a problem you have in Hersham.

I live close to the Hospice, so am at the Hersham end of Esher.


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Disclaimer: The above profiles and policies have been published directly from information received by the candidates named. Please report any inaccuracies or discrepancies to the page admins via our contact page.
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