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Dear Hersham Residentsstop_poo_web

We are launching an anti dog-fouling campaign at the start of August and, because of the community involvement and interest in Hersham, we would like to use New Berry Lane and the Riverside as the focal point for the press release.

The emphasis of the campaign is that anyone in the local community can report dog owners that don’t clean up after their dogs, so even if irresponsible dog owners don’t see enforcement officers in the area, they could still face a fine if someone else witnesses the incident. Therefore, the involvement and support of the local people around hotspots is key to the success of our campaign.

Please let me know if you can support this campaign and join us at at the end of New Berry Lane next to the alley way for a group photograph on Wednesday the 22nd July, at 11am (our local Councillor’s and press will also be attending).

On the day of the photograph we will also be engaging dog owners and distributing postcards to local residents and if people that live in the area and are affected by the problem are willing to assist us that will send out a much stronger message that dog fouling is socially unacceptable in your community.

If you know any other residents that are fed up with dog fouling and want to take action to improve their neighbourhood, please do forward the link to this letter on.

Kind Regards

Laura Dowsett
Senior Environmental Enforcement Officer
Elmbridge Borough Council


Laura Dowsett - EBC

Elmbridge Borough Council
Civic Centre
High Street
KT10 9SD


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