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Keeping the Kids Entertained bored-kids-hersham

Wondering how you might keep your children entertained without spending a fortune?

Would you like your children to use their imaginations, appreciate the fun that can be had in and around their home and even learn how good it feels to be rewarded when they achieve something?

Would you like your children to enjoy the great outdoors, conquer their fears, try new foods, learn a new skill and most importantly have fun!

Why not sit down with them and come up with a list of things to do over the summer? You could do this on a week by week basis with a small reward at the end of each week or for the whole summer with a really big treat to look forward to!

Here are some great free factsheet downloads to get you started!

Summer Challenges 2015

100 Activities for Older Kids

20 Things for Under 5’s

Reward Chart

Behaviour Beads Chart
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