Learn with me – fun and free activities for your 0 to 5 year old

learn-banner-medLearn with me – fun and free activities for your 0-5 year old

Stuck for things to do with your child that are fun, free and just happen to support their early learning and development too? Then Learn with me from Surrey Family Information Service is for you!

It’s a new campaign all about giving you quick and easy activity ideas that you can do with your child from before they are born to five years old. They’re written by early learning experts and best of all – they’re all FREE!

Visit www.surreycc.gov.uk/earlylearning to discover more and to download sheets full of tips and activities. The sheets are broken down into ages so you can pick the right ones for your child’s age and stage of development. Plus there’s information about what children like and can do too. Choose between the following, or use them all:

·        Being, Belonging, Becoming – personal, social and emotional development
·        Count with me – maths
·        Move with me – physical development
·        Read with me – reading
·        Talk with me – language and communication.
·        Write with me – mark making and writing.

A sneak peek
Here’s a little taster of the type of tips and activity ideas for your little ones you’ll discover through Learn with me…

Pre natal – Talk with me:
Babies can hear before they’re born. Talking to your baby before it’s born can help you bond and singing to your child before it’s born can help with your child’s learning.

Newborn to 12 months – Count with me:
Maths is everywhere, even for babies and by seven months old your baby already has a sense of numbers. For example, they can match the number of voices they hear with the number of faces they see. Feeling beats in songs helps them learn to count, so rock, bounce and sing with your baby.

1 to 2 years – Being, Belonging, Becoming:
Swapping comes before sharing! Two year olds find it hard to wait for their turn or hand over a toy. Telling your child they must share won’t work, instead try having enough toys or things for them and their siblings or friends to choose from.

2 to 3 years – Write with me:
Your child is starting to control their left or right hand better – they’re becoming left or right handed. Giving your child lots of two handed activities, like stirring and whisking, helps them choose which will be their dominant hand for writing.

3 to 4 years – Read with me:
Your child’s beginning to understand how stories work and that the words on the page mean something. Reading together will help then start to make sense of those words and recognise some letters.

4 to 5 years – Move with me:
Play crawling races or make an obstacle course to go under, over and through using things like boxes, duvets, cushions, air beds and tables. Crawling is an important part of your child’s physical development because it gets the two sides of their brain communicating with each other plus it supports your child’s coordination and balance.

Get even more
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