New Year – New You!

We are now well into the New Year, how are you getting on with your resolutions? Is Dry January but a memory? Have you skipped that Gym Session? Ordered that Pizza?

If you’ve bent the rules a little don’t be downhearted, focus on what your main goals are, a New Year is often the time to reflect and take stock of your life and there can be many different ways this can be achieved.

We’ve enlisted the help of some local experts to give us inspiration and motiviation on how a new routine isnt just for January.


AmandaWatts-pic5 Step Methodology to Becoming a Thriving Entrepeneur – Amanda C Watts, The Corporate Escape Club

I have spent years studying successful entrepreneurs; from Richard Branson through to local business celebrities from my hometown.

If you are looking to escape the corporate jungle you MUST ensure that you follow 5 key steps which I have witnessed each successful entrepreneur embrace.



10 Top Tips for Good Health – Charlotte Hunter Nutrition

It’s the beginning of another year and traditionally we’re all thinking about the same things: getting healthier, living better, being happier etc.

Here are 10 simple nutrition tips to get you started…



maria-articLove Your Inner Self – Maria Lonergan Counselling

January can be a time of reflection. On looking back at the past year and deciding whether you would like to make changes to your life. They can either be major decisions such as changing careers, reevaluating relationships or moving home.

Seeing a counsellor can be extremely beneficial in offering you an environment that is safe and non-judgemental.


daniel-clarke-artIs 2016 Your Year? – Daniel Clarke, Personal Training & Fitness Manager, Weybridge Health Club

It was only a couple of weeks ago we were all linking arms and performing our best versions of auld lang syne, but it already feels like a very distant memory.

Here are 5 strategies you can use to ensure 2016 is your year.


weddingcake2-artThose Difficult Decisions – Lynn Sutton-Bunnell, Meadows Ryan Solicitors

It is the time of year to start afresh and consider all matters in a proactive and constructive manner.

As January is typically a time when people consider taking the next step and instructing a solicitor to commence family related or litigation proceedings we thought it would be useful to set out ten things to consider before instructing a family solicitor.


Fit for life, not fit for fad planner-artFit for Life, Not Fit for Fad! Debbie Lucas – Mum plus One Fitness

OK, so we’ve all done it. Made that New Year’s resolution to get fit and lose some weight. After 2 weeks we start flagging and suddenly slimming and getting fit seems a lot less important.

Read my tips for sticking with it! I’ve also included a simple exercise routine you can do at home!


Alter-Ego-artAlter Ego – Drama for Adults – Alter Ego Director, Caroline Dooley

Every Tuesday evening in the welcoming atmosphere of the Riverhouse Barn in Walton, a group of enthusiastic ‘players’ arrive for their weekly hour and a half of Alter Ego – a drama class for adults who are keen to explore and develop acting and performance skills without the pressure and commitment of being in a production.

(Hersham Hub Note: We think this sounds super fun!!!)


pilates-artBeginners Guide to Pilates – Jo Everill-Taylor, Better Body Pilates

You may have heard about Pilates but what is it? And why would you do it?

Pilates is a form of functional fitness, designed to improve the quality of your everyday life. The aim is to get the body working as a whole kinetic chain, strengthening and lengthening the muscles and re-aligning imbalances. This also makes it ideal for cross-training with all your other sports and activities!


Write-a-book-150Book now! The time is right to write! – Chris Ritchie

They say everyone has a book inside them. Sounds painful. But just because everyone “has” one doesn’t necessarily mean they “should” write it.

As an author myself, signed to a small indie publisher, I’ve witnessed everything hand. If you want to get your book the best it can be, find a good editor


music-150Increase Your Musicality!

There’s a lot going for music! Not just listening, but getting involved more closely with studying music and learning to perform it. The medium doesn’t matter – you could play the banjo or a concert grand, you will achieve the same benefits.

Look at what studying music can do – there are so many subjects it encompasses


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