Alter-Ego-featAlter Ego – Drama for Adults

 Every Tuesday evening in the welcoming atmosphere of the Riverhouse Barn in Walton, a group of enthusiastic ‘players’ arrive for their weekly hour and a half of Alter Ego – a drama class for adults who are keen to explore and develop acting and performance skills without the pressure and commitment of being in a production.

Alter Ego Director, Caroline Dooley, is a drama teacher with many years experience who delights in encouraging her students to release their creativity and tap into their self-expression. She uses interesting ways to introduce basic acting techniques and guides her students carefully through uniquely tailored exercises designed to spark their imaginations, build confidence and unleash their alter ego!

Each session starts with a warm-up to help everyone unwind from the pressures of the day and to focus and prepare body and voice for the exercises and activities which follow. For a drama class to be successful, it is important that the students feel relaxed and connected to each other, so each week an energising and interactive drama game is played. Playing games is something that we adults might think belongs solely in the playgrounds of our youth, but theatre games have much to offer – they help dissolve inhibitions, build trust and understanding and create an atmosphere of supportive and enjoyable learning.

Each week the students devise and perform their own work based around the specific skill being taught – be it building believable characters; using props as a stimulus; lifting text from page to stage; vocal projection; improvisation; mime; physical theatre; exploring scripts – the list is endless. Ask any long-standing member of the group and they will tell you that their tool kit is very heavy!

When you immerse yourself in an Alter Ego drama session you will be training yourself to be focused and attentive, develop new skills and discover your potential. You don’t need any acting experience, just enthusiasm, to become part of a friendly group of enthusiastic and like-minded people. It’s a new year … what’s stopping you unleashing your alter ego?!

Classes run on Tuesdays 8.15-9.45pm

Riverhouse Barn
KT12 2PF

£10/wk (paid termly)
Free Taster Session

Contact Caroline for further information
01932 222932 or 07956 421804


CarolineDooley-webCaroline has been involved in many aspects of the performing world as an actor, writer, arts administrator and drama teacher.

Her focus in the alter ego sessions is on encouraging the students to release their creativity and self-expression. By using interesting ways to introduce basic acting techniques students are guided through exercises to experience and understand them:

Caroline is passionate that students should benefit from participating in alter ego, be it through the acquisition of new skills, an increased sense of self-awareness and self-confidence or the pleasure of discovering hidden talents:

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