Is 2016 your year?

It was only a couple of weeks ago we were all linking arms and performing our best versions of auld lang syne, but it already feels like a very distant memory. Scary really. Everyday life has resumed in its normal fashion, work, school runs and of course the occasional search on the holiday websites to see if we could escape for some last minute winter sun!

The other memory you might want to recollect is that promise you made to yourself on New Years Eve? You were so determined to achieve it his year. Most likely you had been thinking about it for a while but put it off until the New Year, as it would be the best time to start.

I love new years resolutions and I also love listening to other peoples too. They can vary but I find they generally follow the same trend.

  1. Weight loss/fitness
  2. Eat healthier/diet
  3. Quit a bad habit

Unfortunately all of those good intentions go to the wayside as soon as normal life resumes. Most resolutions will be well forgotten by the end of February. This isn’t just my opinion, statistics show us that 92% of new years resolutions will fail. It was an astonishing figure when I read it, and it really made my think. Why?

If most people want to lose weight, eat healthier or quit a bad habit, over the course of a year why do we fail.

I believe it comes down to a few things; firstly do you really want to make this change in your life? Really? If you do then you must make a plan to ensure it happens. Often we make resolutions and don’t have a plan of how we are going to achieve them. I’m going to lose a stone for example. How? What happens once you achieve this? Is it time to put your feet up and wait until 2017 to start the process over? Having a short and long term plan is critical.

Once you have a plan to make this resolution a reality, it’s time to take action and of course be consistent. You can have the best plan, take action, but without consistently it just won’t work. Consistency of course is where most people struggle, daily chores get in the way, social events take over, I understand. Below is an example of how we help our new and existing members at The Weybridge Health club and Spa to succeed. Our system overcomes some of the obstacles, which I have mentioned above.

We run an 8-week commit two-success program, this is a tailored fitness program with periodic reviews. It requires you to visit our health club a minimum of twice per week. Upon your visit you must get your card signed by one of our fitness team, who will check in to see how you are getting on with everything. Once the 8 weeks is complete you will get rewarded with some complimentary quest passes.

Why is this a good scheme you might ask?

  1. You have a personalised progamme that is designed to your current fitness levels and lots of one to one time with our instructors.
  1. You have accountability from our fitness team to ensure you visit us a minimum of twice per week.
  1. You can bring your friend along with you and make your exercise more social!

We have had amazing results and feedback from our members about this program. They enjoy the support it gives them.

Of course if you don’t have access to our health club the principles are still the same. Here are 5 strategies you can use to ensure 2016 is your year.

  1. Start walking with a partner or friend. Schedule a time and stick to it. Having someone to meet will make you accountable.
  1. Write down everything you eat and drink for a whole week. By writing your food intake down you will be much more aware of what you consume. Hence you will think twice about that extra biscuit! Again share it with someone.
  1. Never go hungry. Not contradicting my second point however it’s very difficult to overeat natural food. Have you ever gone back for a third chicken beast? The most common flaw with most diets is restricting calories too much, to soon.
  1. Blend your greens! Fibre is extremely important for good stomach health. Blending your green is a great way to boost your fibre.
  1. Write your resolution down somewhere visible, the fridge and computer are always good, set reminders on your phone. Do whatever it takes to keep it at the forefront of your mind.
  1. Hire a personal trainer. Personal trainers are 10 a penny now but finding a great one can save you a lot of time and frustration. You are not paying for a fit person to show you around a gym and have a chat. You are paying for the experience and knowledge that can help you succeed.

I hope some of this information has helped you but to truly make it valuable you must take action and now. Don’t just read this article and then forget about it. Make a plan. Call you friend to arrange the walk, start your food diary now, buy a blender if you haven’t got one and pick up some greens to start now.

Will you be one of the 8%? I hope so

Daniel Clarke

Personal Training and fitness manger

The Weybridge Health Club and Spa


daniel-clarke-webDaniel Clarke – Personal Training and fitness manger

My career evolved from a fond enjoyment of exercise and all of the added benefits that came with it. The main benefits were increased energy, mental focus and a sense of fulfilment.

Combining these benefits with my great desire to help people, it was then a natural progression to become a Personal Trainer. I come from a strong boxing background with competitive experience. I like to pass these experiences onto my clients enabling them to understand the importance of self discipline and control. Boxing is about mental strength and fortitude. This is what I aim to build in my clients to ensure they succeed.

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