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I guess right now you wish you were doing something that you loved. You didn’t realize that the rat race would make you so frustrated; to the point where you are miserable, overworked and constantly feeling fed up.

When you look back to when you started University or got your first job you were filled with excitement of the future… how your job would provide you with the nice house, the nice car and the holidays… how working your way up the corporate ladder would lead you to happiness, laughter and success…

Can you remember what you wanted from life when you were younger and started your journey? Have you achieved it?

Are you now at a crossroads wondering if you should stay in the corporate jungle or make the leap and start making your passion your full time job?

I have spent years studying successful entrepreneurs; from Richard Branson through to local business celebrities from my hometown.

If you are looking to escape the corporate jungle you MUST ensure that you follow 5 key steps which I have witnessed each successful entrepreneur embrace.

The proven 5-Step methodology is a force multiplier when it comes to starting a business… If you want to become one of the most highly valued and highly paid people in your industry then the business architecture must be followed.

However, before you even decide to make the leap and leave your day job to make following your passion your full time job, you need to have the right mindset.

I call having the right mindset becoming the “Powerful You™”. What I mean by this is making sure that even though you want to leave your job, you can actually cut it as an entrepreneur.

If you are an action taker, and are resourceful, you have two traits that will get you a long way. The other point you need to be aware of is that you are going to get knocked down. And when you get knocked down, you will have to get back up again. Yes you might have a mentor, coach or accountability group, but ultimately it is up to you to motivate yourself and follow your passions and purpose. No one can do it for you. And you won’t be able to hide behind other people when things don’t work out!

To become the Powerful You™ you will need to work on your mindset, study how to be a great entrepreneur and make sure that you have support on your journey.

We are living in a very different world today than we were just a decade ago. Running your own business has never been easier; however there has also never been more competition. In the Ideas Economy it is easy to set up a business based on your passions, and just as easy to get lost in all the noise online.

The 5-Step methodology that has been created is the foundation of The Corporate Escape Programme, and has helped 100’s of employees flee the corporate jungle and set up a business they love.

So lets dive in.

 The Five Step Sequence To Becoming A Thriving Entrepreneur.

  1. Diamond Clarity – Know & Communicate To Your Chosen Micro Niche

Thriving Entrepreneurs can answer with clarity the question ‘What do you do?’.

It is not enough to start a business and hope to attract clients. You need a chosen niche where you become the go-to person in it. I call it being a Niche Celebrity. In fact you need to understand your ideal client so well that you can articulate their pains and problems better than they can.

You also need to be able to stand out from the crowd and not have any direct competitors. Your “Pitch” needs to be strong and get your message across in just 20 seconds.


  1. Hollywood Branding – Attract Clients Like Paparazzi Round A Celebrity

It is not enough to be visible. You need to have a brand that attracts clients and also shares your values and what you believe in the world.

Gone are the days where a faceless company succeeds. To attract your ‘Perfect Fit™’ (ideal client) you need to share your story, your ‘Why you do what you do’ and be accessible to your clients. A faceless company is now a dead company. Share your story, your values, your vision, your why and you will attract clients like paparazzi round a celebrity.


  1. Profit Packaging

The biggest mistake I see with businesses is that they sell their time for money. This means that the personal trainer who charges £50 a session through to the Interior Designer who charges for the hours worked on a project, is forever chasing clients and getting burnout.
If you package up your ideas and charge based on ‘Value’ and the results you deliver, you will not have to worry about cashflow or chasing clients.

And talking of cashflow, most new entrepreneurs don’t have a cashflow forecast. You need to get your business systems and accounts in order. If you don’t know your numbers you might as well go back to the day job.


  1. Authentic Marketing – Raise Your Profile And Google Well.

Authentic marketing is more than just posting on social media. There are over 26 ways to market your business, and this is without even brainstorming ideas for your chosen niche.

Authentic marketing is ensuring that your values and your story are shared with the world so that you Google well when people are searching for your help.

Authentic Marketing is also about using traditional mediums like PR, direct mail and picking up the telephone. These traditional mediums are so often overlooked by new businesses, and in fact have the quickest and biggest return.


  1. Wealth Breakthrough – Get Strategies In Place For Business Growth

The wonderful thing about steps 1-4 is that they work hard to attract clients to your business so you make a profit. However a thriving business needs more that just these steps.

You need strategies for growth, you need to have a plan and you need to know how to scale your business. Once your marketing is in place you need to measure, tweak and rework your actions.

Often when businesses start to see success they get complacent and suffer an entrepreneurial dip. You need to keep growing and advancing as a business and a business owner.

As you might have guessed real wealth comes from completing steps 1-4 and then leveraging them an effective way. This is the breakthrough.

When you have the 5-Step methodology in place you will be amazed at the results you can generate for your new business.

As a business owner you will be asked to speak at events and be interviewed by radio and national press. And most importantly you will be doing what you love.

You will become a person of vitality rather than one of existence.

This 5-Step methodology is the cornerstone of becoming a Thriving Entrepreneur.


AmandaWatts-bioAmanda C. Watts is an award winning entrepreneur, speaker and author.

She specialises is helping employees stuck in the corporate jungle, escape the cubicle and turn their passion into a full time job.

The Corporate Escape Programme is an award winning 6-month business incubator that has helped 100’s of new and aspiring entrepreneurs transition with ease to become Thriving Entrepreneurs. She also is the founder of The Corporate Escape Club, a monthly event held in the City in London for those exploring leaving their day job.

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