Rules and Recommendations for a Successful Website


Rules and Recommendations for a Successful Website

Whether you pay to have a website built for your business, or you build one yourself, there are a few key things that you need to take into consideration.

Here are my tips for SUCCESS:

S – Simplistic design – don’t over complicate anything, less really is more!

U – Up to date contact information – this one is self-explanatory!

C – Clear font – Again, keep it easy for your customers – some of the more ‘exotic’ fonts are not at all mobile friendly.

C – Customer focused – Put yourself in their shoes, why are you on the site? What do you need?

E – Easy to navigate – This is a must! Interlink between pages and add clear link buttons.

S – Search engine optimised – Use your most important keywords throughout your website.

S – Social media links – If you use social media platforms then don’t forget to send people there!

If you are going to be using the website for selling products then it is likely you will need to pay out money to get your website started. In this case your website will be performing more complex actions and you will also be needing a secure server so customer payment details are kept safe.

But generally, a website should be updated as regularly as possible and optimised for mobile. This can mean you need to spend a bit of money, but a website like Yola will let you do this for £5 a month and you can even get a free domain and use of the website builder.

However, If you really don’t have the time to set up a full website, then the best option is to just set up 1 page on a free website building site (Yola or Wix are recommended) and just add these 3 items:

  1. Contact phone number (and address if location specific)
  2. Opening hours
  3. An image of place of business, the services you provide or yourself (obviously your industry will decide which image type is the most suitable.)

It really is as simple as that!

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Kelly Atkin

After studying marketing and advertising at Kingston University I have become more and more passionate about helping small businesses to get online and navigate the twists of social media.

I am originally from the New Forest, where my parents run a Bed and Breakfast, and began my journey with helping to promote their company without a budget (although these days we do spend tiny amounts on Facebook adverts and partnerships).

I currently live in Chessington and work in Hersham running marketing activities for Hersey Silversmiths and Jewellers.

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