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June Gardening – Tips for growing clematis

It’s such a pleasure to spend time in the garden this month, and June is often considered the peak of the gardening year.

It’s the longest day this month, so extra sunlight combined with warm weather encourages abundant growth.

The kitchen garden is about to come into its own, and borders are reaching their early summer peak.

One of our favourite plants for June is the clematis. From bold blooms to delicate nodding bells, clematis are versatile, colourful climbers. They are wonderfully diverse and happy to clamber up a trellis or be trained over a pergola.

New varieties of clematis are introduced every year. Most enjoy sunshine, but some, like the lilac ‘Cezanne’, from Raymond Evison, will grow in semi-shade. Large-flowered hybrids are among the most impressive, coming into their own during the summer, and these are joined by daintier varieties of Clematis viticella that keep blooming into autumn.

Compact Varieties such as Filigree & Bijou are perfect to grow in containers, provide ground cover or train up an ornamental obelisk; ideal for growing in small gardens and patio areas.

Clematis are often partnered with climbing roses and honeysuckle to create long-lasting flower displays, but vibrant combinations can be created with virtually any other climbers or wall shrubs.

Tips for growing clematis:

  • They like their heads in the sun and feet in the shade, so try to keep the roots shaded and train shoots up into a brighter, lighter space above.
  • Dig a deep hole so the top of the rootball is 7-10cm below the soil surface, and bury the base of the stems with soil. This can help plants regrow if they ever suffer from clematis wilt disease.
  • Spread a deep mulch of compost or bark over the soil after planting to lock in moisture and keep roots cool.
  • All clematis belong to one of three pruning groups depending on when they flower. Talk to the experts at Garsons to find out which pruning group your clematis belongs to and get advice on when and how to prune.

Jobs for this month:

Flowering plants can last longer if you feed them weekly with liquid tomato feed or Miracle-Gro. Pay special attention to those in containers and hanging baskets. Deadheading early summer flowers will encourage more blooms. Plant growth can be rampant this month, so tie up sweet peas and climbing plants to help them scramble up.

The downside of the new growth is all the weeds sprouting up. A little and often approach to hoeing and weeding will stop them taking over. Mowing your lawn regularly will help control weeds. Add a layer of mulch to your borders to keep weeds down and helps plants to retain water.

Garsons at Winterdown Road, Esher has everything you need to care for your summer garden including options for conserving water –

Let’s hope we have a glorious summer ahead. Until next time, enjoy your garden!

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