Small Businesses – Getting Started Online


Small Businesses – Getting Started Online

Getting started is the hardest part of any task, and it is especially daunting when it involves trying new things with your business. So I want to make this as easy and clear as possible. Over the coming weeks I will be adding video tutorials and easy guides to the site, to help you understand the fastest and most suitable ways to market your business cheaply online. With that in mind, today’s article is about what you will need to get started.

Website or blog page?

Don’t panic (you may remember that from my last article!). I’m not saying you have to go out and spend lots of money on getting someone to create a website for you, or even that you need to pay to get a domain name and hosting (although maybe you will need to as your business grows). However if you don’t have anything yet, a simple free page will do just fine.

My recommendations for creating a free website are Yola and Wix, although WordPress (slightly more complicated) is great if you plan on just blogging or paying to have a proper domain name and website in the future. These sites come with free (and paid) templates that even the busiest non-designer can use.

I’m currently working on various websites and everything on my pages are created for free. I find the Yola admin platform very simple to use.

Your website can be used as a “shop front” or landing page. If you want to get the most from the page you can add an online call-to-action eg) a form to request a quote. I will be going through online call-to-action types in more detail in the future. For the moment, just a phone number and/or email address will be fine.

A website is a great place to direct people when they want to find out more about your business, it also helps to get you higher up on Google searches. Yay!

If you already have a website, make sure it has a simple design, clear details on how to contact you for further information and the text includes your main keywords.

So, you have a good website set up, what’s next?

Set up a social media business page

Facebook is the first platform that I would recommend to any small business. It is basic enough that you can use it easily, but there are also lots of hidden and advanced features that can be tailored to your audience. It is also widely used by everyone from 13 years old to the over 65s, from students to CEOs (so it even works for Business to Business companies!).

To set up your business page on Facebook you will firstly need a Facebook personal profile. This can be created using your own email address and adding your basic information. The personal profile will be used as your manager admin page and can be linked to as many business pages as you want.

My final point is the most important – there are two key things that need to be spent on social media – either time, or money. My main goal is to cut down on the amount you need to spend on either of these. But, for your business is to succeed online, you will need to be fully committed and willing to experiment and learn.

Thanks for reading, and I hope to hear from anyone that wants to know more!

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Kelly Atkin

After studying marketing and advertising at Kingston University I have become more and more passionate about helping small businesses to get online and navigate the twists of social media.

I am originally from the New Forest, where my parents run a Bed and Breakfast, and began my journey with helping to promote their company without a budget (although these days we do spend tiny amounts on Facebook adverts and partnerships).

I currently live in Chessington and work in Hersham running marketing activities for Hersey Silversmiths and Jewellers.

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