Surrey Police & Crime Commissioner Elections

On May 5th, as well as local council elections, you will also be asked to vote for your choice of Surrey Police and Crime Commissioner.

What exactly is the PCC?

This description is from the Office of the PCC website:

“The Police and Crime Commissioner for Surrey is responsible for overseeing the work of Surrey Police, holding the Chief Constable to account and helping to tackle the crime issues that matter to you.

The current Police and Crime Plan pledges to:

  • Take a zero-tolerance approach to policing in Surrey
  • Deliver more visible street policing
  • Put victims at the centre of the criminal justice system
  • Give you more opportunities to have your say about policing
  • Protect your local policing by standing up for officers and Surrey Police
  • Ensure that you recieve the highest possible standard of service from Surrey Police”

The current Police and Crime Commissioner is Kevin Hurley (who is standing for re-election).

Who are the Nominated Candidates?

As you would expect there is cross-party representation as well as a couple of independent candidates, we are extremely pleased to confirm that they all agreed to provide personal and policy profiles!



Paul-Kennedy-Headshot-125Paul Kennedy – Liberal Democrat

I’m a former barrister, accountant and actuary with 30 years’ professional leadership experience in private and public sectors – and a strong background in criminal law and finance. For ten years I’ve provided strategic direction and independent oversight to other public interest organisations on a non-political basis.

Like many people I disagree with PCCs, but we’re stuck with them while the Conservatives are in power. That’s why I’m offering a positive, balanced, community-based alternative – not more prisons, privatisation or meaningless ‘zero tolerance’ promises.

I’ll focus on what actually works to prevent crime:

  • bringing back community policing
  • safeguarding victims and vulnerable children and adults
  • working with our neighbours
  • modern police training and equipment
  • designing out crime with safer roads and activities for young people
  • tackling offending behaviour through restorative justice, education and treatment for mental health and drug problems
  • tough community sentences with longer prison terms for dangerous and persistent offenders.

I’ll work with and challenge police and other agencies to address and anticipate threats to our safety, fight crime and defend victims. I’ll be fiercely independent of government, demand proper funding and efficiencies to keep policing public, and give fair, frank,
balanced reports back to the people of Surrey.

You can view Paul’s campaign leaflet here


julia-searle-125Julia Searle – UKIP

I have lived in Dormansland, Surrey for 17 years and Horley before that. In that time, as a resident, mother and partner, I have experienced and witnessed crime. When you have been in this position, you can truly understand the impact crime has on a victim or vulnerable person’s life. That experience has given me great insight into what needs to change, not with just handling criminals, but actually addressing the sometimes desperate needs of the victim and the vulnerable. This has spurred me to feel that I want the task of Police and Crime Commissioner, for which I feel well suited, with  my 10 years of experience as a business leadership consultant.

Working with private and public sector organisations, you soon see the flaws, gaps and wasting of funds that goes on.  People drifting through their work with no idea whether what they are doing is working or not.  I have been a formal member to the Federation of Small Business for Surrey Hills for over 10 years, actively on the membership team, and as Vice Chair too. I have always looked to create unity in an organisation and have enjoyed that membership and contacts made. I am also a member of the ‘Association of Coaches’, for my operation of my business, which has given me guidance, as well as a high standard of professional accountability.

My second company has allowed me to create events for people to mix and socialise. I have organised fund raising events for organisations such as NSPCC, Sparks Children’s Charity and recently the Dame Vera Lynn Charitable Trust. This has been both personally rewarding and my way of giving something back to the community. I will stop all of my company involvement to focus on the role when elected.

Last year I stood as a candidate for my local area of Dormansland and Felcourt, for local council elections; the buzz of the whole process was incredible. Volunteers giving up their time to support me with my challenging campaign. I didn’t win; but I haven’t quit either. Defeat just prepares you better for success.

My policy statement

Crime is not a lifestyle option: Being a victim is not either, Hersham is no different

Police on the front line in Surrey are doing an excellent job, but there are not enough police working in the community and poor leadership means that many victims of crime are being let down, with too many crimes not being investigated or recorded and not enough crimes being solved. Safety on our Streets is a huge concern. The local campaign by residents to keep PC Neil Bourn, the Neighbourhood Specialist Officer, shows how both the Surrey Police and local government have become detached from what the local residents want. There is a need for a quick and effective focus; that’s why I have been working on a 100 day plan of.

I believe that every victim of crime has the right to expect the police service to do everything reasonably possible to investigate it and bring the perpetrator to justice. We need a real focus on anti-social behaviour; if ‘petty criminals’ are not dealt with effectively they become tomorrow’s serious criminals. If we look at the case in the Surrey Advertiser this week, regarding the very sad case of the sexual assault of a female under 16 years old by autistic teenager Scott Hillman in Hersham, there are various factors which need addressing.

Firstly support for the young victim, including psychological support from a trained professional, an option to take part in ‘the restorative justice programme’ working successfully in other parts of the country, including Sussex. Making a great difference for victims wanting to get answers from their perpetrators and for the perpetrator to understand the impact of their crime on the other victim, when appropriate. As part of this support to the victim, offer them self-defence instruction by volunteer martial arts companyies, to build confidence in self protection.

Secondly, for the ‘young offender’, a psychologist to work through the issues that have led to the crime and sentencing. Helping them to understand and hopefully change their future path, after serving their sentence.

Thirdly, if the vulnerable person is unable to take the opportunity of the previous support because of disability, they should be given a panic alarm directly to the police and partnership organisation worker.

More resources need to be allocated to front line policing, improving 101 service response times and ensuring that those at the top of the police service target the issues that matter most to the communities they serve.

On election my immediate priority will be to consult widely in Surrey on a plan to put policing at the heart of the community, including my own 100 day action plan, working together with victims, prisons, partnership organisations, the government and the judiciary.

I believe that my extensive background in leadership and accountability means I have the necessary skills and experience to bring the best out of Surrey Police, so we can all feel safer and enjoy better policing in Surrey.

“The role is not about politics, it’s about ability and right person for the job”

You can view Julia’s campaign leaflet here


david-munro-125David Munro – Conservatives

After 18 years in the Army, serving in Northern Ireland and the Falkland Islands, I have had a career in the defence and computer industries. I have learnt how to get the best out of a team and how to get the most out of a tight budget, qualities essential for a Police Commissioner.

I have also been a Surrey County Councillor for the past 20 years, including 4 years as Executive Member for Adult Social Services and 2 years as Council Chairman. My years in Surrey public service have given me a good knowledge of county affairs and what matters to residents.


Cutting Crime and Keeping Surrey Safe

As your Police Commissioner I will ensure that Surrey Police delivers more visible policing, relentlessly pursues criminals, improves detection rates and reduces re-offending.

Tackling Rural Crime

Rural areas have been forgotten by the current Commissioner. I will overhaul the 101 hotline, improve response times and ensure victims have a single point of contact throughout an investigation.

Making our Town Centres Safe

Our town centres can become noisy and violent places after dark. I will work with officers, local businesses and residents to make our town centres safe for us all.

Supporting Victims

Independent inspectors rated Surrey Police’s support for victims as ‘inadequate’. I have met with the Minister and will take urgent action to provide proper support for the victims of crime.

Making Every Pound Count

I will fight for fair funding for Surrey Police and target resources at the front line to drive down response times and improve detection rates.

Tackling the Threat of Terrorism

We face new threats from terrorists, home-grown and from abroad. We need a plan to deter and defeat terrorists in Surrey.


You can view David’s campaign leaflet here


howard-kaye-125Howard Kaye – Labour

My name is Howard Kaye and I am honoured to have been selected to be the Labour Party candidate for the Surrey Police and Crime Commissioner role. I am originally from Leeds but I have lived in Farnham (Surrey) for the past 12 years, I am 53 and currently I am employed as a Train Driver based at Kings Cross, London.

Coming from a different background to the professional police and political candidates, I will bring real life experience, knowledge and perspective to the role of the Surrey Police and Crime Commissioner.

My immediate priorities if I get elected are:

To ensure accountability, leadership and stability within the Surrey police chain of command, I therefore commit that my first action on been elected would be to appoint a permanent Surrey Chief Constable with the necessary skill sets.

I will work to formulate proposals to protect Surrey residents from the emerging threat of internet crime. I will ensure that the review into policing,  recommended by The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC),  into the failings by Surrey Police of an online child grooming case are implemented.

To get the best policing for the residents of Surrey requires adequate funding; I will fight any reduction in budgets that affect the policing of Surrey. I will halt the continual downgrading of our police service within Surrey; the closures of police stations and centralisation of policing resources do not benefit the vast majority of Surrey residents. The presence of uniformed officers within our local communities needs reinvigorating. I will ensure that privatisation of the policing services within Surrey is not on the agenda.


Camille-Juliff-125Camille Juliff – Independent

WHY ME – ON 5TH MAY 2016

As a truly independent candidate, I will work for everyone and with everyone, regardless of political bias to deliver the best results for the Police Service and the people of Surrey without the party politics.

I have 26 years of experience: I have worked in the Coroner Service in Surrey Police for 14 years and have considerable experience of investigations and the workings of our Police Service. Additionally, I have served in the Army for 12 years as a senior detective in the Special Investigation Branch of the Military Police, including a 2-year tour in Northern Ireland.

My husband Steve, a retired police sergeant, myself and our 4 children, now adults, have lived in Guildford for 29 years. Our family also includes six teenagers we have fostered over the last five years.

I am a great advocate for change in a positive direction, and giving people the tools to own that change. Whether you work for the Police Service, or are a member of the Surrey Public, please become involved and help us help ourselves to develop and grow the Police Service we want and deserve. My goals revolve around my belief the prevention is better than cure. I will look to tried and tested policing to break the cycle of crime.


I am standing as an Independent Candidate, as I believe policing should work for everyone – regardless of political agenda and each community within Surrey should be able to adopt the most relevant solutions for them. I do not represent any political party, and as such I am free to work with any agency who WE believe can deliver the best policy for US in any and every part of Surrey.

I am very concerned that Surrey Police have been relegated from one of the top forces in the country to the bottom echelon and now ‘requires improvement’.

There is clearly work to be done and I look forward to tackling this head-on to help our police service achieve the recognition and ranking we all know it is capable of.

The fixed budget is £100M annually. I intend to ensure we deliver the best value and Surrey residents receive the policing they want and deserve. After having delivered the policing plan, I will rely on the Chief Constable for operational implementation as well as standards and I will work with them to support them in any way I can. I believe the relationship between the Chief Constable, the PCC, and the Police Crime Panel is crucial to the successful implementation and execution of the policing plan.

My goals revolve around a common sense approach that ‘prevention is better than cure’. I have heard from residents about the impact of crime which sometimes lasts years for the victim. There is evidence available of effective interventions and that preventative design advice provided by experienced staff, can help break the cycle of crime. The best long term outcome is a reduction in crime and criminals and this will require focus and working with the public, who when we have their confidence, are the best source of intelligence and information.


Listen to The People and Find Ways to Represent and Communicate with Them

I will give the people of Surrey a voice by offering regular ‘surgeries’ allowing members of our communities to say what policing they want in addition to what their concerns are; I will also continue the existing public meetings and seek other ways to improve the visibility of the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner and hear the people.

You are one of the best resources the police have for tackling crime and it is important you can confidently interact with the service.

Make Prevention and Reduction of Crime a Key Objective

Prevention and reduction will be a consistent thread throughout the policing plan. To keep the people of Surrey and visitors to our county safe, and to work within the budget, the aim must be to prevent and reduce the likelihood they are victims of crime in the first place. Crime prevention advice will be a consistent feature in the day to day workings of the police service. We need increased visibility of police officers and PSCOs to prevent crime and anti social behaviour, particularly in the town centres. I will be proactive in seeking to use technology and the expertise specialists such as the Crime Prevention Design Advisors whose focus is to reduce crime and link with architects and local authorities to seek opportunities to design out potential problem areas.

Maximise Prevention Opportunities and Communicate These to The Public to Reduce All Crime

I will be seeking to maximise prevention opportunities and ways of communicating these to our communities to raise awareness of all offences. Cyber-crime, for example, is a relatively new but increasing threat and it would be of benefit to us all to understand how to protect ourselves from it and how best to report it and take counter action if it does happen to us. This is an issue of national importance and like counter terrorism, requires police and public cooperation at all levels.

Offer all Victims of Crime Appropriate Support

The PCC is also responsible for the commissioning of victim services. The current level of support given to victims in Surrey has been classed as ‘inadequate’ in the recent HMIC inspection. Victims will be offered appropriate support. Where wanted, – by the victim, they can be brought into a safe, managed contact with their offender. This process is well established in other areas and in many situations has helped the victim to recover and making the offender aware of the real impact of their crimes has reduced the number of cases of reoffending.

Prioritise Child and Domestic Abuse, both Historic and Recent

Sadly, all communities have children and people of all ages who are at risk or who have already fallen victim to abuse and our county has seen an increase in the number of incidents, both historic and recent, being reported. I will ensure the police continue to prioritise this area of offending and relentlessly pursue offenders. This is a difficult situation for people to report, and I intend to support measures which help people feel safe and able to come forward.

Target to Reduce the Number of Offenders and Victims aged 18-24 years

Statistically, 18-24-year-olds are the most vulnerable group for becoming victims or committing crimes. I will find mechanisms to reduce the number of crimes in this age range. I will develop effective strategies to break the cycle and offer our young people a different outlook on life and thereby safeguarding both their futures and ourselves. I will look to support activities where those affected can be re-directed from alcohol and drug fuelled anti-social behaviour into healthy activities and sporting ventures thereby modelling lawfulness and social responsibility. To reduce these offences, I will seek the engagement of statutory bodies and voluntary agencies.

Support Police Officers, Staff and Volunteers

I will encourage and expect police leadership to inspire the workforce and develop our police service through the provision of an exciting and rewarding career structure for all staff. Leadership focus is necessary in all quarters to improve morale, motivation and job satisfaction; change is clearly needed as evidenced by significant numbers of personnel leaving the force. Encouragement will be given to the Surrey police workforce themselves to push forward their own ideas for improvements in both policing and career structure.

As Sir Richard Branson says “Train people well enough so they can leave. Treat them well enough so they don’t want to.”

If you care about the future of our police service make your voice count – Vote in the election on May 5th.


You can view Camille’s campaign leaflet here


jamie-125Jamie Goldrick – Independent

I believe the police should be politically neutral as are the judiciary. Not led or controlled by party politics or agendas which is why I am an independent candidate and not distracted by national party agendas.

My experiences relevant for the role of Police and Crime Commissioner include:

  • Whilst with Surrey Police as a civilian, I had the management responsibility for three specialist police teams,
  • Control of a multi-million pound budget,
  • Received a Chief Constable’s Commendation for my tireless efforts in making Surrey a safer place,
  • Was a Crown Court expert witness,
  • Designed and instigated a first of its kind specialist police team,
  • Home Office advisor,
  • Association of Chief Police Officers advisor,
  • Held the police enforcement responsibility for all of Surrey’s pubs and clubs
  • Assumed the authority of an Assistant Chief Constable,
  • Recognized by the current Surrey Deputy Chief Constable for my fiscal and excellent negotiation skills,
  • Vast experience of commissioning services for Surrey. I completely understand the importance of commissioning services for the good of Surrey’s residents.

I have an understanding of the police world and at the same time I have the proven ability to deliver what really matters to the residents of Surrey as shown by my Chief Constable’s Commendation.

I changed the way Surrey Police interacts with the business community and residents of Surrey through my previous leadership of Surrey Police’s alcohol licensing officers.

I am tried and tested in all the qualities and experiences which a Police and Crime Commissioner would need to fulfill the role.

Latterly, I have founded two consultancy businesses focusing on what matters to communities.

Policy Statement

Experience at the highest level of policing in both strategic and operational roles together with my extensive legal knowledge allows me a unique view of the role of Police and Crime Commissioner.  I have worked proudly as a civilian alongside Police Officers of all ranks and dealt with the victims of crime and the perpetrators of crime.

My work on behalf of the community has led to a Chief Constable’s Commendation and a High Sheriff of Surrey Award.

My legal background has been enhanced by experience in accountancy and I believe in fiscal responsibility at every level of law and order provision. There is no room for waste especially when budgets are tight and I guarantee a policy of ‘good housekeeping’ at all times in all departments.

In listening to Surrey residents it is clear to me that my key objectives as PCC must be:

More visible Policing, you should recognise your local Police and I will insist that more officers including senior ranks walk the beat and get more involved with our community.

Engage with the youth of Surrey, we have a remarkable resource in our younger people and we need more engagement, I will establish a Youth Board to develop, debate and listen.

Tackle the blight of drug and drink abuse, my work with Drug and Alcohol Abuse Awareness in Schools has shown me exactly where the problems are and how we can fix them.

Make improved road safety a priority by addressing the issues of anti-social driving behaviour, increasing safe road use awareness and getting tough on offenders.

Increase the number of Police Officers, by reducing the costs associated with the PCC role I will directly recruit additional Police Officers.

Jamie Goldrick
Independent Candidate
Police and Crime Commissioner 2016


kevin-125Kevin Hurley – Independent

30 years Policing arresting thieves, bullies and the wicked. I’ve balanced Terrorism against visible policing in Neighbourhoods; in the UK or in Iraq.

I understand police budgets.

I know the business.

I lead Zero Tolerance Enforcement and Prevention , whilst also rehabilitating offenders who can be redeemed.

We now:

  • Fund more police than before I started
  • All have efficient hand held computers and body worn cameras are on order.
  • Reduce burglary 24%, car crime 34%
  • Solve more sexual assaults and violence than before.
  • Protect vulnerable children better.
  • Have uniformed council enforcement teams against anti-social behaviour; fly tipping, litter.
  • Protect children and elderly against cyber criminals.
  • Spend £2m+ on victims; women and minorities. Imagine children taken by mum to a refuge; next day at a new school in the wrong uniform, humiliating and traumatic. Now we fund new uniforms immediately.
  • We rehabilitate youngsters; funding skills and confidence training, taking some into prisons to meet inmates. We’re keeping them out of the Court System.
  • Government know I fight for Surrey; they hear about it continually on the media, seeking better funding relentlessly.
  • I don’t do what “the party” says.

That’s why we can now fund more cops than before I started.

Watch my video on Zero Tolerence here

You can view Kevin’s campaign leaflet here


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