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What have people been saying about us?


We have worked with quite a few different people and organisations this year – here are a few of the kind things they’ve had to say about us….


“As a new sbessies-bakery-webmall business in the local area, the Hersham hub has been an absolutely vital resource for me. I have made connections via the hub which in turn has created business for me and continues to do so. The Hersham hub team are very good at connecting people and those links are invaluable. From a personal point of view it is also really useful to see what is happening in the local area via the Hersham Hub events section on their website, particularly for keeping my nieces & nephews entertained/active! Keep up the good work Nigel, Beth & team!”

– Sarah, Bessies Bakery



foodbank-small-web“We at the Walton & Hersham foodbank love The Hersham Hub!  Since January they have supported us by helping share our campaigns on social media for food shortages and more volunteers; they have created a special section about us on their website – including an overview of how a foodbank works, a day in the life of a volunteer, information on how to volunteer and a link to our website.  They have also been a great support when we’ve seen Nigel out and about – he’s even donated to us at our Waitrose Collection point!  Over the summer they have helped us set up a new food collection point in the community at Piglet’s Play-centre in Hersham AND they have also connected us with Naomi’s Bakehouse, so leftover cakes can be enjoyed by foodbank clients.  In conclusion, we think The Hersham Hub are a FANTASTIC support for local charities!”

– Jess, Walton and Hersham Foodbank



pyjama-drama-logo“I first met Nigel at Piglets in Hersham, where he brought his daughter along to one of my classes and was therefore willing to experience first hand the activity within his community that he was going to be advertising on The Hersham Hub. I really liked the fact that he had chosen to take the time to come along and meet me and see what I did in person, in addition to welcoming me on board via Twitter as  part of the Hersham Hub community.

So far, not only has his networking been extremely efficient both on Twitter and via email, he has been extremely friendly in his approach giving me a fantastic platform to advertise Pyjama Drama to the Hersham and surrounding community. He has real community spirit and not only have I received lovely vibes being a part of the Hersham Hub, but back in the Easter holidays, almost half of the attendees to an Easter class in Cobham had heard about me through the Hersham Hub newsletter! 

Nigel is generous with his information allowance, always gives me plenty of time to submit the information, and is specific with what I need to give.

 The site has a professional looking, catchy and recognisable logo which I have seen active allover Twitter and Facebook. Hersham really is a lovely community and I am delighted it finally has a platform from which local activity providers like myself can  show what they have to offer.”

– Phylly, Pyjama Drama


“When I lost my hearing some 8 years ago, I was working fully time and completely unaware of this invisible disability.  I was suddenly thrown into a completely different world, one that I really was not ready to join.
There are approximately 10 million people in this country with a degree of hearing loss, that is one in six of us (source: Hearing Link). 
Hearing loss leads to a major change in our method of communication. Others like myself have found lip-reading classes are not only helpful, but a way of meeting and feeling relaxed in the company of others, who all understand each others difficulties and problems.
At my class we regularly discussed the problems of finding a subtitled film, available locally and at a convenient time.  This prompted me to start lobbying Walton’s  Everyman Cinema who had never shown one.  Despite on-going emails, and different members of my lip reading class going directly into the Cinema, we were always fobbed off with different excuses “Subtitled films are not being supplied” or, “We do not have the necessary equipment to  show subtitled films”.
Looking into this showed neither to be true, nearly all films come supplied with subtitles – its just a case of switching them on!
It just seemed I was fighting a losing battle – and one evening having yet again heard that a friend of lip reading had been given the same response I wrote of my anger on Face Book.  The power of local social groups is amazing and that same evening Nigel from The Hersham Hub got in contact and offered to try and help.  To be honest  I did not hold out much hope and was therefore really delighted when Nigel not only went into the cinema on our behalf, but also contacted the head office – with a result!
Walton Everyman showed their first ever subtitled film on 11th June and have since shown two more.
I think its still a battle, other cinema goers often do not want to see a subtitled film but the need is there and with better advertising and the power of Face Book numbers are growing.
So, a big thanks to Nigel from the Hersham Hub for making a real difference.”

– Meryl, Henrietta Parker Lip Reading Class


okeechobees“The Hersham Hub has provided my new business with a huge boost. It helped my café immensely even before I had opened the doors by generating positive conversation on its chat forum and engaging with the local community. It has continued to provide my business with lots of support and has proved a great help in terms of building relationships with the local community, in particular amongst the family network.

The Hersham Hub provides regular updates on local events, keeps businesses ‘connected’ with neighbouring business, distributes relevant information on what is happening locally and promotes local causes and charitable events. The information is timely, clear, concise and easy to digest and encourages constructive feedback from community members. It includes content that generates a talking forum which leads to personal connections between businesses and customers…. This has proved invaluable to my new business!

The Hersham Hub is an engaging, interactive, well put-together website which is a vital part of a thriving local community. Thank you Nigel and Beth for all your support.”

– Melanie, Okeechobee’s Cafe

surrey-youth-focus‘The Hersham Hub provides a wonderful service to the local community by gathering together all the positive events, activities and information  and letting people know about it.  Thank you Hersham Hub for all your support!  Keep up the tremendous work.”

– Karen, Surrey Youth Focus


sparkle-with-beauty-square-logo“The Hersham Hub was an absolute god send for me and my new business! Nigel couldn’t have been more helpful towards my new business, guiding me in the right direction for  the help I needed, advising us as to certain funds available, helping us with promotion and advertising and most importantly making us feel so welcome and introducing us to the Hersham community. Our grand opening was more successful than I ever could have imagined, as well as our first week of business, and a lot this was all thanks to The Hersham Hub”

— Dani, Owner of Sparkle with Beauty




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