Twin Babies – Two At Once!

twinsThe idea of twins is lovely isn’t it? Siblings who will grow up together, who will always have a special bond, and forever be the best of friends.

Of course this is true – but the practicalities and general day-to-day life with twin babies can be far more than this too.

I found out I was expecting boy and girl twins after a long battle with fertility issues, and after x3 rounds of IVF. So to say my Husband and I were delighted is an understatement. Once the euphoria had settled though, and I had begun googling ‘twins’ I realised that it was going to be serious hard work!

We had to buy two of most things – moses baskets, cots, swings, car seats, high chairs etc and so the initial expense was high. However they did also share some items such as toys and some clothes like vests. I tried to buy second hand where possible or have hand-me-downs to save money.

Personally, I found the baby stage OK. Yes the sleep deprivation was tough – but then most parents of one baby are coping with the same tiredness. Luckily my twins (Harry & Lottie) would wake roughly at the same time and have their milk at the same time (every 4 hours or so) and so it made things a little easier to work around. Hubby and I would take turns and do shifts to give the other one a little break throughout the night.

I also had help from Grandparents throughout the week which I was really grateful for. Whilst they watched the twins I would get 1-2 hours nap in the day or catch up on housework. This was so important and really helped me out.

Personally, I also made sure I got out and about in the first few months. Even if it was just to a local retail park with the double buggy for a quick coffee with a friend. This helped me going stir-crazy at home and gave me something to aim for each day/week.

I found it easier when they could sit independently and definitely when they could play nicely on a mat on the floor. However the trickiest stage (for me, by far) was moving; crawling and walking. Then came running! The amount of times I haven’t known which one to run after first! Those early toddler days were tough for sure. And I must say that all our old haunts of playgroup, coffee with friends, baby sensory etc became difficult as the twins couldn’t (and didn’t want) to sit still for long and would be into everything. So we started to venture to places such as soft play, parks and friends houses where I knew they would be safe (well, safer!).

twins_bwThey’re now 2.5 years old and things definitely get easier as they get older. They now talk, feed themselves, can play independently, sleep well and have started preschool. There are of course new challenges, but the practical side of life is far easier – for sure.

I do really love being a Mum of twins; it is so special and unique and very rewarding. And seeing them grow up together and go through everything together has been amazing. We are a very lucky and happy family.




Jess Soothill

Mum to twins Harry & Lottie, who are 2 and a half. Married to Hubby (aka Dave) since 2008, I’m from the North West of England, UK.
I’m a former career-woman in Human Resources, with a Masters degree in Business. Now a stay-at-home-Mum and blogger at I’m trying to raise twins and keep a home! We all live in the countryside together in rural North Wales.

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