Weylands Waste Plant – An Update


Weylands Waste Plant – An Update

So, the development proposal that no-one wants and refuses to go away is back on the local agenda again. Due before the Planning & Regulatory committee at 10.30am on 13 July, Surrey County Council have, again, recommended Refusal.

Agenda item 8: http://mycouncil.surreycc.gov.uk/ieListDocuments.aspx?CId=122&MId=4318&Ver=4

Members of the public are welcome to attend so if you have strong views on this please go along and let your voice be heard!

Details of the SCC recomendation can be found below:


The recommendation is that the application BE REFUSED for the following reasons:

  1. The proposed development is inappropriate and by definition harmful to the Green Belt and does not preserve openness and conflicts with the purposes of protecting Green Belt land including protecting the countryside from encroachment and restricting the sprawl of built up areas. The proposal is therefore contrary to National Planning Policy Framework 2012, Policy CW6 of the Surrey Waste Plan 2008 and Elmbridge Borough Core Strategy 2011 Policy CS1.
  2. Insufficient information has been submitted to indicate the likely source of waste arisings or the routes taken, and it has not yet been demonstrated that any material adverse impacts on declared Air Quality Management Areas would be avoided, contrary to National Planning Practice Guidance 2014 and Surrey Waste Plan 2008 Policy DC3.
  3. The applicant has failed to demonstrate factors which either alone or in combination demonstrate ‘very special circumstances’, which clearly outweigh the harm to the Green Belt by virtue of the harm to openness, inappropriateness and conflict with the purposes of protecting Green Belt and the other harm from traffic and air quality impacts. The applicant has not produced a robust alternative site assessment or demonstrated that the site would be well related to the source of waste arisings it would receive. The proposal therefore does not accord with the National Planning Policy Framework 2012, Policy CW6 of the Surrey Waste Plan 2008 and Elmbridge Borough Core Strategy 2011 Policy CS1.
  4. The baseline information provided by the applicant in 2013 within the Phase II investigation and assessment for ground contamination contained in the ES is outdated and so insufficient such that the impact of the development cannot be properly assessed and appropriate remediation cannot be provided. Accordingly the proposal is contrary to Policy DC3 of the Surrey Waste Plan 2008 and Policy DM5(e) of the Elmbridge Borough Development Management Plan 2015

You can find the full report here:



*** Latest Update as of midday 6th July ***

Cllr Christine Elmer: I was advised by Surrey County Council shortly after 10am this morning that the application for an Anaerobic Digestion facility at the Weylands Treatment works has been withdrawn by the applicant and now will not be reported to the SCC Planning and Regulatory committee next week.

One could speculate why the applicant has withdrawn the application at this late stage. Sadly by the company withdrawing the application, there is now no chance for considered debate on this controversial issue and no chance for any reasons for refusal to be amended to include the the Public Health concerns on odour.

Residents are aware that Elmbridge Council commissioned a huge amount of independent scientific evidence on the concerns about odour, as was evidenced when this application was considered by Elmbridge’s North Area Planning sub-committee. This has now been stopped from being debated and that is regrettable.


Details of SCC Planning & Regulatory Committee Members

If you wish to write to Members of the SCC Planning Committee to ask them to support the SCC recommendation to Refuse please click on these links for more information and contact details. The Chairman is Cllr Tim Hall.

Committee: http://mycouncil.surreycc.gov.uk/mgMeetingAttendance.aspx?ID=4318

Councillor’s Contact details: – click on name: http://mycouncil.surreycc.gov.uk/mgMemberIndex.aspx?FN=ALPHA&VW=LIST&PIC=0

WeylandsNoWay Petition is still open, click on this link http://www.petitionbuzz.com/petitions/weylandsnoway

Facebook WeylandsNoWay https://www.facebook.com/WeylandsNoWay/

Twitter hashtag #WeylandsNoWay



Follow the story of the application so far visit: http://thehershamhub.co.uk/weylands-old-treatment-works-by-hersham-station-new-application/



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She has 2 children and 2 grandchildren. Her father was a tenant farmer in Claygate and before she was elected worked for nearly 24 years in MAFF/Defra on cattle identification post BSE, Foot & Mouth Disease & Avian Influenza Contingency Planning.
Outside Council Christine works on campaigns associated with animal welfare, most notably with Conservatives Against Fox Hunting, Blue Badger & Blue Fox and has volunteered with Wildlife Aid Foundation in Leatherhead in her spare time.

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