6 Tips for Taking Better Photographs of your Family

6 Tips for Taking Better Photographs of your Family

We all love to take photographs of our family. Most of us often have a camera to hand thanks to our smartphones, but we don’t always get the results we’d like. So here are six tips from Walton-on-Thames based family photographer Katie Lister, to help you capture fantastic family photos:


  1. Lighting

Place your subject near a window, either facing the light or sideways to the light. This will allow the light to fall on your subject’s face for proper exposure. If you photograph your subject with his or her back to a window, it’s likely they will appear dark in the image. If your subject is unwilling to stand still, you can re-position yourself to get the angle right!



  1. Angles

Changing the angle you take your photograph from can really improve the finished image. Photograph babies lying on their backs from directly above, rather than from your position standing by their feet. This avoids your camera looking straight up baby’s nose! When photographing little people, bend down to their level. This will show you more of the action. Take care to keep the horizon line straight when you bend down though!



  1. Composition

Be deliberate about where you place your subject in the frame – either in the centre or on one of the ‘thirds’ depicted in the image below.


  1. Expression

For authentic expressions, wait a few seconds longer to press the shutter. A child (or an adult!) who is posing may give you an unnatural smile, but by making them laugh and then snapping the photo in the aftermath, you’ll hopefully capture a natural expression 🙂


  1. Get in the photo yourself!

Most of us have one member of the family who usually snaps the photos. If you look back through your camera roll, you may feature in a couple of selfies but almost no family photographs. Make sure you are featured in your treasured family photographs by taking a turn in front of the lens, investigating your camera’s timer feature, or going to see a photographer for some family photos that you and generations to come can treasure forever.



  1. Print your photographs

The digital world has revolutionised the way we photograph and share images of our family. However, our children’s grandchildren will sadly not browse through your hard drive to look at old photos, and a USB stick doesn’t look great hanging on the wall… Please print your photographs to create a memory that can be handed down for generations 🙂


Katie Lister is a lifestyle photographer from Walton-on-Thames, specialising in babies, children and families. She meets you at your home or on location across Surrey and South West London, to capture relaxed and authenic family photographs.


07855 366 494


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