Coronation Recreation Ground, Hersham – Footpath Improvements!


Coronation Recreation Ground, Hersham

Funding for Footpath Improvements – Closing Date Monday 19th!

Earlier in the year a number of Bell Farm parents spoke to the school about the state of some of the local footpaths and pavements they regularly used to get their children to school.

In response, Bell Farm organised a walk, together with a UK Charity Living Streets, some parents and their children, Mrs McGee, a member of the teaching staff, a governor), local Police Officer, and Councillor Mary Sheldon. They all walked around the streets near Bell Farm, taking note of all defects en route to & from school.

The walk included Coronation Rec, many people use this route on a daily basis to access not only Bell Farm, but also Rydens School, several playgroups and nursery’s, not to mention Hersham Station.

Coronation Rec can be found to be quite tricky to walk through in some places, particularly during the winter months and on wetter days, where the grass becomes muddy and there is no proper footpath for parents/carers to use, particularly with pushchairs, or scooters, bikes etc, or indeed for others who might be crossing the recreation ground in a wheelchair or mobility scooter etc.

As it is generally agreed that walking to school should be encouraged as much as possible, Living Streets made a report to SCC about the need to improve some pavement areas. As such a request for funding has been made to improve the route.

Hersham Councillor, Mary Sheldon, reported back to Elmbridge Borough Council the feedback about Coronation Rec needing a better and improved footpath, and there is now a request for funding to make it so much better and easier for local residents to use on a daily basis to get across to schools etc.

Please lodge your support by going to the ‘Respond to this Consultation’ section at the bottom of this page:


Footpath improvements in Coronation Recreation Ground

CIL funding of £45,000 has been requested to link the existing tarmac paths in the park with a grass mat pathway to create a surfaced route across the whole site. This work would provide an accessible all-weather route from the car park to the Rydens Grove entrance to Coronation Recreation Ground.

This includes a semi permeable hardstanding path through the alley to Rydens Grove. This is a popular walking and cycling route to growing local schools and will make the route more usable all year round.

The work would also expand this route to create a grass mat pathway around the entirety of Coronation Recreation Ground to provide a surfaced year round walking, running and dog walking route for local residents.

This would follow the existing marked one mile route in the recreation ground which is part of Run England’s 3-2-1 initiative.


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