Sunshine & Sleepwalking

Sunshine and Sleepwalking garden-in-sun

 At last the summer is here … and finally I’ve got round to writing another blog entry! (Sorry it’s taken so long Nigel!) It’s been a busy few months. I’m a bit of a sun lover and have been looking forward to some nice weather. When you’re looking after a pre-schooler, the weather can either expand or limit your options. Everything seems a bit more fun for Amelie if we are out in the garden, she gets very excited about doing some drawing or painting in the garden and will certainly spend a lot longer doing it.

So as soon as the sun came out, so did the sun cream and the paddling pool. Amelie loves the water – she would spend the whole day in the paddling pool if she could. The only thing we now have to keep an eye on is her continued obsession with superheroes as she will suddenly shout “super girl!” then run down the garden and dive into the pool. A combination of Amelie’s dives and the hottest day of the year resulted in our paddling pool bursting, but luckily the Hersham splash pad was open to save the day. Amelie loves the splash pad and the sand pit in the park, so towels and swimming costume have been added to the long list of things that we have to take to the park. If anyone sees us on our way to the park with our massive bags they would probably think that we are going away for a weekend at the seaside; it is lucky that we live close by!

With the summer comes great sport – whether it’s the Olympics, the World Cup, Wimbledon … and I normally try to get Amelie to watch some sport (for her benefit of course!) Amelie enjoyed watching some of the tennis on TV this month and became a bit of a fan of Andy Murray. The only down side was that after every point I had to explain how and why they had won it. We played many quick games of ping pong trying to copy Andy Murray! This year we also have the Ashes. I love cricket and look forward to taking Amelie to watch a game when she is old enough. In the meantime, I will be working hard to convince the NCT ladies that a great play date for the children involves a day near a TV or radio to catch-up on the score (Beth, Andrea, Chloe and Catherine – if you’re reading this, you know you love cricket really!)

The only down side to the heat is that it has woken Amelie a few times at night. Amelie waking in the night is something we are used to and as the year has gone on Amelie has definitely developed some interesting sleep antics.

Amelie stopped wearing nappies at night when she had a nasty bout of chicken pox and nappies were too uncomfortable to wear. When she was better we thought we may as well carry on. After a few weeks we thought we had cracked it, but then the accidents started. Anyone who has been through it will probably sympathise with stripping down the bed at 3am with a crying child in one arm and then getting both them and yourself back to sleep (I can honestly say this is one of the least fun jobs). The accidents became a daily event and so we started taking her to the toilet for a night time wee when we go to bed, which seems to have worked. Amelie will also often have a quick chat while she is asleep and often leaves me stifling laughter (so I don’t wake her up!) – It’s hard not to laugh when she comes out with “I’m Batman, I never wipe my bottom” …

Although we’ve got the accidents sorted, we also have night terrors and sleepwalking to contend with. Night terrors are really unnerving as she seems to still be asleep but is obviously really scared and upset, and will often be sat up thrashing about and screaming. Sleepwalking is a bit easier to deal with, sometimes we hear a cry of “aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh” from upstairs and when we bolt upstairs to check she is ok, Amelie will be standing in the corner of her bedroom, staring at the wall and pointing at it, saying in a scared voice “What’s that?” I’ve got used to it now, but I’ve probably seen too many horror movies and it certainly gets the heart going! We find that there is not much we can do other than gently guide her back to bed and sit with her until she is calm again. Luckily it seems to be happening less and less.


Best thing we ate this week:

Maltesers and yoghurt ice cream

Only three ingredients, ridiculously easy to make and tastes delicious


Amelie’s quote of the week:

At the moment, Amelie is really interested in finding out about the days of the week and we often have conversations about what day of the week it is today, what day it is tomorrow, the day after that, and after that …

Amelie: “What day is it today?”

Mummy: “Friday”

Amelie: “Does that mean it’s the end of the world?”

… We hope she meant the end of the week!


Something to do this week

The splash pad at the Hersham recreation ground, of course! Herham-Splash-Pad

It’s free and Amelie really loves it (and the rest of the park). I think it’s a massive improvement on the old pool. Just remember a towel, swimming costume/change of clothes and to stop them running straight from the water into the sandpit!

You can read more about the Hersham splash pad here:

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