“Do you wanna build a snowman?”


“Do you wanna build a snowman?”


So last Monday was finally the day; after eight months of Amelie asking me, “Do you wanna build a snowman?”………we had snow!


I imagine most parents are still experiencing the phenomenon that is Frozen. If you’ve no idea what I’m talking about, count yourself very lucky (although I admit it, I like it now). Amelie never misses an opportunity to act out scenes from Frozen and I have already spent far too much of my life pretending to be Anna or Elsa (and very rarely do I get permission to be Kristoff).


So since Amelie first watched Frozen, every time I have a shower, go to the toilet or indeed any scenario when I’m behind a door, I can guarantee that I’ll soon hear a knock on the door followed by those words, “Do you wanna build a snowman?”, to which I have to reply, “Go away Anna”, or there’s trouble!


So Monday was the day, snow at last, and there I was, sat with my cup of tea, thinking …

“here’s your moment Amelie, you’ve been training months for this …”

Amelie – “Dad, it’s snowed”

Me – “Yep”

Amelie – “Daaad …” (cheeky grin on her face)

Me – “Yep” (here we go, here we go)

Amelie – “Can we go outside to make a snowman?”

Me – “Huh??”

That was it, the opportunity gone.

Oh well, we’ll probably have to wait again until next year. However, once we went outside, Frozen was soon remembered and there was a quick outfit change to put on the Elsa dress. Then came building the snowman.

Of course, a traditional one would just not do; we had to build Olaf.

After much thought and hard work, he was done and Amelie was chuffed. Unfortunately he lasted only an hour. The unstable construction gave way in the warming temperatures. Naturally, this was followed by a million questions including, “where’s Olaf?”, “why has it melted?” … and surprise, surprise, a quick science lesson on why snow melts didn’t help matters, so it was off to the park for a bit of sledding to change the subject.

For a while Frozen appeared to have taken over our life – only the Elsa dress could be worn, no car journey was allowed without the frozen cd – but that appears to have died down a bit now. Now she seems equally obsessed with batman, which is strange as she has never seen it nor does she have any batman toys. Wonder what her next craze will be?


A few things from my week

Best thing we ate this week:

Chicken escalopes. Quite a bit of prep, but plenty for Amelie to help with. She loved flattening the chicken with the rolling pin.


Something to do this week:

To keep on the movie theme, Everyman Walton has a Kids Club on some Saturday mornings. It’s £3-£4 for an adult and one child; a great option if you want to try them at the cinema for the first time and don’t want to waste too much money if it goes pear shaped.


Best thing we made this week:

It has to be Olaf the snowman!

Best tantrum this week:

Obviously when Olaf began to melt and fell over, we had a major situation … a full tantrum ensued because I didn’t have the ability to change the weather and make it colder/snow again. I think she has finally forgiven me!

Amelie’s quote of the week:

“But, I’m hungry for that” – not sure where this has come from, but is used whenever she wants a treat to eat.

“It works for me” of the week:

As an alternative/addition to timeout we use the “rice jar” – a normal plastic jar with a lid, which has a line marked around it near the top. When Amelie does something good she gets a spoon of rice in the jar and one removed after a final warning for bad behaviour. When she reaches the line she gets a small toy and the process starts again … sometimes when there’s not much rice in the jar, she’ll turn it upside down so the rice goes above the line and announce that she’s done it!

I’ll be back very soon with more!
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