Face Paint and Footie

First of all, it’s been a few weeks since my last post. I’ve been battlingarticle pic_small severe man flu (tonsillitis)

….and combining that with looking after Amelie, my brain has been pretty frazzled and writing something has been a bit of a struggle. I plan to carry on with weekly blogs – if there is anything you want me to write about, just let me know (inspiration is always appreciated).

One of my main worries about Amelie spending the majority of her time with me is that she doesn’t get the chance to be a proper girlie girl. Admittedly she goes to Rugbytots (which she absolutely loves), likes helping with the DIY, however I’ve learnt to do plaits (well, just about), I’m looking into ballet lessons (for her, not me), try my best to dress her in matching clothes (as anyone who knows me, fashion isn’t my strongest suit) and occasionally let Amelie use her pens to paint my nails and put make up on my face.

She loves having her face painted, but has only had it done properly a few times. We did buy her some face paint crayons (after she drew herself a moustache with a semi-permanent marker!), and even though she likes my attempts at a butterfly I would never let her go out in public with it as it looks like we have just forgotten to give her a wash. (The photo is Amelie’s attempt not mine!). Amelie recently went to a friend’s birthday party and face painting was on the menu – of course a pink butterfly was the only option and she was far too excited.

Straight from the party it was a trip to the football, and of course there was no way she was going to wash off the butterfly. A friend of ours plays semi-professionally for the mighty Tonbridge Angels and they had a match against Hampton and Richmond. We thought this would be a great opportunity to take Amelie to see a live game. So we joined 380 hardy souls in the cold to cheer on our friend Laurence, fully expecting Amelie to be bored after 10 minutes and want to leave. How wrong we would be. 90 minutes later she had had a great time. I think the fact that she knew someone that was playing helped, as she spent most of her time shouting “Come on Laurence!”, “Laurence, Laurence, Laurence, high five!”. Unbelievably, Laurence scored and was the best player on the pitch by a long way (don’t let him know I said that) … Tonbridge won 1-0 … and Amelie got her high five! She now wants to learn how to play football properly and hasn’t forgotten about ballet lessons.


A few things from my week….


Best thing we ate this week:

Tuna pesto pasta – a good option when you haven’t got much time, it’s also one of Amelie’s favourites. Cook the pasta (penne, fusilli, spaghetti all work), add frozen peas and frozen sweetcorn to the pasta after four minutes. Once cooked, drain the water, add two teaspoons of green pesto and a small tin of tuna, heat and stir for a minute and serve.


Something to do this week:

Watch a local football/rugby match. It’s cheaper than a Premiership game and there’s no need to travel.

Walton and Hersham FC http://www.waltonandhershamfc.org.uk/

Walton Casuals http://www.pitchero.com/clubs/waltoncasualsfc/

Esher Rugby http://www.esherrugby.com/


Best tantrum this week:

Refusing to leave the house because she wanted to see grandma and grandpa. The reason we were leaving was to go and see grandma and grandpa! A massive tantrum for trying to do what she wanted to do.


Amelie’s quote of the week:

At the traffic lights, waiting for the green man with mummy:

M – “Green man, we can go Amelie”

A – “It’s not green, it’s blue!”

M – “No it’s not, it’s green”

A – “Let’s not argue about green mummy!”


“It works for me” of the week:

Nothing!! Nothing has been working for me this week and we have hit a new stage of Amelie testing boundaries. Disagreements are always on the agenda for the day, whether it’s cleaning her teeth, having a wash, tidying up, playing a game – you name it, it’s an issue. I’ve started reading “Divas and Dictators” by Charlie Taylor which someone recommended to us (I’ll let you know what I think of it) http://www.divasanddictators.com/


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