Gifts from Santa?

santa-artGifts from Santa?

I have always believed in the magic of Christmas. Growing up, my family would get so excited about the big day that my mother used to lie about the date to my brother on Christmas Eve otherwise he would literally be ill with anticipation. A close family of Nannies, aunties, uncles and cousins; we, like most families, have Yuletide traditions:

  • long winter walks giving scores ‘Eurovision style’ to neighbours lights;
  • singing ‘bring us some Figgie pudding’ when the pud is ceremoniously brought in with a blue halo of brandy infused flames;
  • and giving (and receiving) presents- in a stocking- or sack, under the tree, hanging on the tree, at the table and for some on Christmas Eve before Santa has even got his bells on.

Now on the wrong side of thirty, and with two beautiful daughters of my own, traditions become even more important.

My four year old believes in Santa. She now understands that he lives in the North Pole with his Elves and brings toys to good children on Christmas Eve. Cue talcum powder boot footprints on the rug, personalised letters to Santa being ordered and glitter being mixed with oats as Reindeer food for Rudolf. It’s wondrous to build the magic for our own children and envision with love how our parents were once planning and scheming for us.

I have been organising Christmas for months. It’s the only way in our economic times that I can spread the cost, be a frugal, savvy, bargain-hunting shopper and ensure we are able to give as much as we would like to. My daughter suddenly found her favourite bed time story was within the Toys R Us catalogue. Where did she even get it?! My husband and I have been getting excited- what shall we get them for Christmas, what will Santa bring them? With three sets of Grandparents, obviously they will be truly spoilt- but it’s the gift from Santa that has to be right…the best gift of the day surely?! But here begs the question- should that gift also be the biggest? The most expensive?

A message on Facebook from a mum in the US hit home to me last year to please remember that not all children will be the proud recipients of the latest iPad, trainers or Disney castle. What if they were given a pair of mittens from Santa- does that mean he did not think they were ‘good’ enough for a PlayStation? Well you can tell them the truth… but where is the magic in that?

For us, if Hope doesn’t receive the Frozen Singalong Elsa, Santa has definitely forgotten her. We are thankful it is in our budget, and came down on price last week at Asda, so Santa will leave it for her at the hearth of our Chimney. Her stocking has a pound shop budget of £10 and Santa will still have fantastically filled it with new art projects, bedtime stories, sweets and games. Everything else comes from Mummy and Daddy- and a heck of a lot from Grandparents.

Let’s be fair Santa can’t always give mammoth gifts at Christmas- imagine the strain on Blitzen? So I urge you to consider the monetary value of gifts to your own children from Santa. Let’s keep the magic alive and the good in all children. It’s our new family tradition- why not make it yours?

Faye Jones

Instagram @fayemous17

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