Help Walton Fly The Flag For The Royal Wedding

Help Walton Fly The Flag For The Royal Wedding

As you know The Hersham Hub are totally committed to supporting all the great things our amazing Hersham Community has to offer.
But we don’t believe that  ‘Our Community’ starts and ends at the Hersham borders.
As an independent community organisation with ties and contacts right across the borough when we saw a post recently about a fantastic community initiative from our friends, neighbours and local voluntary organisation, the Walton On Thames Trading Alliance, we had to get in touch.
(BTW – If you are able to help with the installation of the flags and flagpoles please get in touch –
We thought it would be great to help them get some Union Jack flags flying around the town in time for the Royal Wedding so contacted them to ask if we could help support their campaign.
We were delighted to to get the following response.

It was great to hear from The Hersham Hub and be asked to write a guest piece about our recently launched crowdfunding campaign.

If you haven’t heard of us WoTTA is a community interest company, run by volunteers, all working to make Walton a better place to live and work.

We have achieved loads in our first two years – check out the recent AGM presentation here – but would love to do plenty more.

However, the only way we have any funds is from our business members annual fees and sponsorship of our events or projects by local companies.

We are very grateful for the support of local businesses but there is only so much they can support our projects financially, as many businesses are struggling, as we are all too well aware.

We’ve heard (and read) a lot of people asking:

What’s being done about Walton?

Why isn’t our High Street more appealing?

Why are shops closing down?

The Heart looks lovely, what about the rest of the town?

These questions are normally raised by local residents.

We also get a lot of positive comments from people who love Walton and encourage us in everything we are trying to do.

So we thought we’d offer residents an opportunity to get involved in an easy, practical way – and came up with the idea of a crowdfunding campaign to get flags above the shops in town.

Other local towns such as Weybridge and Cobham have their flags up and flying, let’s not let Walton fall behind!

To that end we need try and raise £4,000 to buy, install, maintain and look after Union Jack Flags for Walton Town Centre.

The flags would be distributed around the High Street, Bridge Street, Church Street and New Zealand Avenue.

We would like to have them up every Spring, then taken down before the bad winter weather ruins them.

We will purchase, install, maintain, launder and store them.

In the few days we’ve been running we’re already at 16% of our target! Please help us reach our goal.

The minimum donation of £10 would be perfect.

Who knows, if this goes well, maybe we can think about Christmas Trees!

How to donate:

Every donation counts, and goes directly into the WoTTA bank account; a not-for-profit, community interest company run by volunteers.

Click on the link: CROWDFUNDING to make your donation via debit or credit card.

How we got to the numbers:

We have 70 flagpoles in Walton Centre.

We’re not sure we can raise funds for that many flags, so have aimed at 50 for now.

We’ve shopped around and at the moment the most reasonable quote for 50 flags is:

Flags – 50 @ £40 = £2,000
Aluminum flag poles – 50 @ £35 = £1,750
Installation by qualified & insured operator – TBA
Delivery – £18
Total (without installation and VAT) – £3,767
VAT @ 20% = £753
Total (without installation) = £4,520

Therefore purchase and installation of each flag & pole = approx £90

We are still getting in other quotes and also hoping to negotiate a discount on this when/if we know we can go ahead.

If anyone out there knows another supplier that might be more cost effective, please let us know –


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