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Hersham Library Should Stay in Hersham!

Hersham Library is proud of its Metal Sculpture “The Knowledge Tree” which was designed by the schoolchildren of Hersham, not Esher!

The Local Government Boundary Commission for England (LGBCE) is redrawing boundaries in Elmbridge for proposed new electoral arrangements for Elmbridge Borough Council. At present, the proposed new boundary between Hersham Village and Esher wards will run down the middle of the road in front of Hersham Library (Molesey Road), turning along the main Esher Road towards Esher, then crossing over to Mole Road.

The upshot of this is that Hersham Library will find itself in Esher Ward. It is the view of the Friends of Hersham Library (FHL) that these proposals will have a significant impact on the support and viability of our Hersham Library, which we feel should remain in Hersham Village. Esher already has a library; we think that the proposed move to Esher ward will make our library an easy target for closure again.

These proposals are out for public consultation before being finally implemented. The consultation closes on 24 August 2015. We want the boundary to be moved to behind the Hersham Library premises. Hersham Library is a great resource, used by many people and schoolchildren in Hersham. We (FHL) are asking people who care about Hersham Library to write to the Boundary Commission, requesting that the proposed new boundary be moved to behind Hersham Library, then we would keep our library in Hersham Village.

Write to: Review Officer (Elmbridge), LGBCE, 14th Floor Millbank Tower, London SW1P 4QP.

OR click here to email: reviews@lgbce.org.uk Please do this. Do it now before you forget. The time is limited, the deadline is August 24th. Do not rely on others: this is for us to do. It is simple and straightforward.

It WILL have a positive impact.


All enquiries: FHL Committee – 01932 227 027 – 0789 0389 793 – fhl_secretary@btinternet.com




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