Pepper the pirate cat

Pepper the pirate cat

If you’re thinking of getting a cat and you’ve got a young child, my one piece of advice would be not to call it Pepper!

We got our cat a couple of years before Amelie was born, named her Pepper (no one can remember why) and thought nothing of it. Then Amelie arrived, and when she starting talking the confusion began. I’ve lost count of the number of conversations we’ve had where Amelie is talking about Peppa Pig and I’m talking about our cat, and vice versa. For example:

Amelie: Where’s Pepper?
Me: On Mummy and Daddy’s bed, sleeping
Amelie shouting from upstairs: She’s not here
Me (now upstairs and pointing at the cat) She’s right there
Amelie: No she’s not!!
Me: She’s right there, look I’m stroking her
Amelie: That’s not Pepper
Me: Erm, yes it is
Amelie: No its not, Pepper is pink
Me (penny has dropped): You mean Peppa Pig …
… then begins the two-hour hunt for a 5cm toy!

Luckily, Amelie and Pepper (the cat!) love each other. Pepper is often found on guard outside Amelie’s room at night and puts up with all of Amelie’s attention. Their two favourite games are: ‘pirate ships’ – Amelie is the captain and Pepper is a pirate. They sit on the bed together and sail the world having adventures. The other is ‘vets’ – Amelie has probably given Pepper more medical checks than any cat in history. I often enter a room to find Pepper with a thermometer stuck under her paw (thankfully for Pepper nowhere else!) and Amelie checking her with a toy stethoscope. Amelie keeps telling me she wants to be a vet when she’s bigger (we might have to convince her to do something else as I don’t think we can afford the seven years of university fees!)

Probably due to Pepper (the cat again), Amelie is an animal lover and loves nothing more than a day out at a farm or zoo. She has no fear, and will talk to, stroke or feed any animal. So far, she’s let a chicken and an owl land on her arm, held a hissing cockroach, lizard, snake, tarantula, fed cows, sheep, alpaca, pony, and a giraffe, and many more.

Her top five animal encounters are:
1) Roaring at a lion and it roaring right back at her (she thought it was hilarious!)
2) Seeing a humpback whale jump out of the sea
3) Feeding a giraffe and stroking its head
4) Seeing some pandas (although Amelie became the centre of attention, a story for another day)
5) Having an owl fly and land on her arm

article_smallHer love of animals extends to craft activities. She is always attempting to draw and paint cats and butterflies, and often asks to make animals. This week she decided that we needed to make an elephant, so after a bit of thinking and a rummage through the recycling bin we were ready to start. Amelie was pretty chuffed with the result (see pic), although she thought he looked a bit sad. I made my usual mistake of not googling for an idea first and just diving in … it turns out there are a few easier ways to make elephants out of milk cartons!

Best thing we ate this week

Chocolate Fondant Tart – one for the grown-ups, rather than the children (although Amelie had a little slice). It’s quite easy to make, and Amelie helped where she could.

Something to do this week

Amelie loves Bocketts Farm. She can spend the whole day there without getting bored. Look out for the animal handling activities and the pig racing! Amelie also loves the pony rides (an extra £2).

Best tantrum this week

For some reason, Amelie was very insistent that I have a bath rather than a shower one morning. After repeatedly telling me, “No Daddy! bath not shower!”, I managed to sneak past and get in the shower. She then continued to berate me, before pottering off to get dressed and then returned to sit on the floor in the bathroom, with her back to me, not talking to me.

Amelie’s quote of the week

A: “Daddy, can I whisper in your ear?”

D: “Only if it’s something nice”

A (whispering): “You smell of monkey flowers!”

If anyone knows what she means, please let me know … she finds it funny anyway

“It works for me” of the week

While Amelie is cleaning her teeth in the morning, I quickly lay out her clothes for the day on her bed. After she has cleaned her teeth and had a wash, I ask her to go and see if she can get dressed before I have finished my shower. So far, we’ve had two weeks of her dressing herself, with only a couple of things put on back to front and a struggle with tights (that may take a bit longer). A side effect of this is that I rarely seem to get any complaints about what she wants to wear!

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