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Staying Safe Online

OFSTED South East Team and The Breck Foundation

Staying Safe Online Webinar Replay

Last week Miss Cooper, Head Teacher of Bell Farm Primary School, organised an extremely powerful, inspirational and deeply moving speech by Lorin LaFave.

Lorin setup The Breck Foundation after her 14 year old son Breck was tragically murdered by someone he met online.

I like to think I’m fairly switched on when it comes to technology and the ‘online world’ but what I heard left me utterly shell shocked.

It instilled in me an absolute determination to stress just how important it is to raise awareness, not just of The Breck Foundation, but of the many organisations out there that can help, advise and support all children and parents when it comes to doing everything that we can to keep our children safe online.

If you haven’t heard Lorin’s story it’s a truly harrowing and disturbing story of just how vulnerable our children are online.

Lorin shares such an important message that there really is so much danger online and urges everyone to:

Be aware
Report it
Keep Safe

To supplement the presentation at Bell Farm OFSTED and Lorin held a live webinar last week, if you were unable to attend the live event there is a link to the replay below.



We have also included links to CEOPs and Think-U-Know further down the page offering specific advice and guidance for age groups 5 to 7, 8 to 10, 11 to 13 and 14+ as well as parents and carers and professionals..

Please, please take an hour of your time to watch this**.

Some other useful links on online safety:


Lorin suggested everyone buying a tattoo gun and tattooing these 4 letters on our body so we never forget.


THAT’s how important this organisation is!


Are you worried about online sexual abuse or the way someone has been communicating with you online?

Make a report to one of CEOP’s Child Protection Advisors.

If you are in any doubt use CEOP.

Click here to report something to CEOP right now:

Report It Now!



Think U Know

Think-U-Know have resources for use by all age groups as well as for Parents, Carers and Professionals.

Think-U-Know for ages 5 to 7

This is what you can find in this section:


Think-U-Know for ages 8 to 10

This is what you can find in this section:


Think-U-Know for ages 11 to 13

This is what you can find in this section:


Think-U-Know for 14+

This is what you can find in this section:


Think-U-Know for Parents and Carers

This is what you can find in this section:



Think-U-Know for Professionals

This is what you can find in this section:



**Shared from OFSTED News

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