The Crafty Canvas

The Crafty Canvas

The latest in our series of local interest pieces aimed at #SupportingLocal takes us on a calming, artistic journey (via The Swan pub in Walton), with Jenny founder of The Crafty Canvas….


I’ve always been a creative person by nature, whether it was drawing cartoons as a child, or making up stories.

I loved to disappear into my imagination where the sky could be purple and the sea pink with anything being possible. But as with life you grow up, it’s inevitable that some things will take a back seat and life gets in the way.

The passion was still there but it was somewhat supressed.

I bypassed university and went straight into the 9-5. I didn’t really know what I wanted to be growing up, changing my mind constantly, but they always had the undercurrent of something creative.

So it was surprising that I found myself in an office job working for the local County Council and before you ask no I can’t help you with a pothole – but you can report them here 🙂

Not that this is a bad thing because it links in with my values as a person perfectly, and I don’t think I will ever move away from serving the local community in some form or another.

Then four years ago my whole world got turned upside down. I welcomed my daughter into the world. I thought I was ready – I had read the books, I had a birthing plan, I had a niece who I could look after and she didn’t scream in my face the whole time – I could do this. I could be a parent.

But nothing, absolutely no words made up of the 24 letters in the alphabet can prepare you for parenting and for me the whole process was overwhelming.

When she came along things were tough, I suffered with PND and PTSD following the birth and I completely lost myself along the way.

I was suddenly thrown into being Mum, even though I had had nine months to prepare for it, and I lost who I was supposed to be.

Before long I was back at work, juggling being Mummy, work Jenny, wife Jenny, but this Jenny still felt lost and isolated.

Now I should stop here and say this isn’t an article about the woes of being a mother, I am purely trying to set the scene – and what a bleak one it is at the moment – but it’s not all doom and gloom.

Because from here when I was at my absolute lowest, my creativity started to sneak back out.

I would write, I would disappear back into my made up worlds where anything was possible.

And I started drawing again, which in turn turned back to painting.

In 2016 I visited family in Texas, and I attended a Pop Art Event, one of those Paint and Sip classes that are becoming more and more popular that finally made its way over the pond to us in 2013.

You go for a couple of hours and they teach you how to create a painting.

The other people in the room had no artistic experience, yet by the end of it everyone left having felt like they accomplished something.

And I LOVED IT. I loved the concept, but one thing I also loved was how they were bringing art to people’s every day and I wanted to do the same. So I brought two things I loved together.

Serving the community, and being creative.

Art for me was my therapy, because when I paint, write or draw. It’s just me in that moment creating.

I’m not analysing about how I reacted to my daughter when she pushed my buttons, and I’m not worrying about the thing I forgot to do at work.

I’m not thinking about how I should probably clean the bathroom as it’s looking a bit grim or that the washing basket is somehow full…..again.

I’m just doing, and I’m just creating and my brain completely shuts down and I’m just concentrating on the sweep of my brush and the movement of paint on the canvas.

And that for me is what I want to bring to others.

I’m not saying The Crafty Canvas is a therapy group, because it isn’t.

But it’s a place you can come and have fun with your friends, you can have a drink of your favourite tipple, you can chat and you can create something that you can be proud of.

If you’ve had a bad day, you can forget about it, and if you want to temporarily escape you can.

Pablo Picasso once said “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life” and I hope with the help of a paint brush, a canvas and some paint I can help you do the same.

The Crafty Canvas Services include:

Pop Up Nights which are tailored for all, partnering with local venues throughout surrey and surrounding areas. We take you step by step through creating your very own masterpiece.

Corporate Events, Team Away Day? Executive Workshop? Stuck for new innovate ideas to get people thinking outside the box. Why not get the creative juices flowing with team members working together to create a picture, or a specific image designed for the group. A truly unique way to bring out the creative and innovative streak in your team.

Children Parties with a difference. Looking for a creative experience for your little ones. We work with age groups from 5+, whether your looking for party entertainment, or your schools looking to raise money The Crafty Canvas can help you arrange something truly special.

Private Parties: Want to throw a bash with a difference? Got a special occasion coming up. Maybe you just want to run a night specifically for you and your friends. Get in touch to see how we can tailor the night just for you.


We run regular events at The Swan in Walton on Thames – and our next event is the 17th April 8pm – 10pm, just visit our website or Facebook page to buy a ticket, arrive ten minutes early to get your favourite drink from the bar and we take care of the rest.

For full details visit our website

Or send me an email at


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