Top Tips For Christmas Family Photographs!

Top Tips For Christmas Family Photographs!

Katie from Katie Lister Photography shares her top tips for making the most of family Christmas photographs…

1. Get in the photo

If you’re reading this article, the chances are you are usually the one who takes the photos. Remember to hand the camera over to someone else and get in the frame yourself – your kids will thank you for it in years to come

2. Find the light

With short daylight hours and festive lighting, getting enough light for good quality photos can be a challenge at Christmas time. Open the curtains and move near to a big window to try and maximise the available daylight and help your camera or smartphone take the best quality photo possible.

3. Charge your battery

Whether you are taking photos on your camera or your phone, be sure to fully charge your battery beforehand to avoid missing the crucial moments due to a flat battery.

4. Get in the right position

On Christmas morning, get in front of the kids and stand by the Christmas tree, so that you can photograph their happy faces as they walk towards it. If you’re following behind, you’ll get a great shot of the tree but not their reactions to the magic.

5. Embrace the chaos

I always aim for one posed photograph to make sure I’ve captured everyone, and then just embrace the chaos! I photograph the mess, the excitement, the kitchen chaos – it’s all part and parcel of a wonderful Christmas.

6. Put the camera down and enjoy the day!

As wonderful as it is to take great photographs of your family Christmas, make sure that you also enjoy the day without looking through a lens. Memories are made through experiencing the day too 🙂


Katie Lister is a photographer based in Hersham, who takes relaxed and natural newborn, baby, child and family photographs at your home or on location.

You can find out more about Katie at


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