What is Baby Massage?


What is Baby Massage?

Baby massage is a centuries old tradition that helps promote and support a life-long bond between a parent and their baby.

It helps create a wonderful foundation for a happy, healthy life in which baby feels loved and secure. In many cultures massaging your baby is an art passed down from generation to generation.

What are the benefits for your baby?

The benefits of baby massage are significant for baby and parent. The main ones for your baby include:

  • Baby develops a feeling of being loved and secure
  • Learns positive loving touch
  • Helps develop baby’s mind and body awareness and co-ordination
  • Strengthens and tones their muscles
  • Enhances verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Helps alleviate trapped wind, ease constipation and relieve colic all of which can be distressing for baby and parent
  • Helps to relieve some discomfort caused by teething
  • Can bring relief from nasal congestion
  • Promotes relaxation
  • Can help improve the quality and length of their sleep

What are the benefits for you?

  • Helps you to relax and reduce stress
  • As well as improving your baby’s sleep it can also help improve yours
  • Promotes bonding
  • Helps you tune into baby and understand their needs and cues.
  • Helps increase your confidence in parenting
  • It’s a great way to meet other local parents

What should I learn on a baby massage course?

It will be a wonderful opportunity to spend time with your baby learning how to communicate through nurturing touch and massage in a truly relaxed & welcoming environment. Baby massage is suitable for babies from birth upwards. Sessions should be fun and relaxed where your baby’s needs always come first.

  • A relaxing full body massage routine
  • Specific routines that can be used to help relieve the symptoms of wind, constipation, colic & teething
  • Gentle stretches
  • When you should avoid massage
  • How to adapt the routine so it can grow with your child’s needs and still be fun and beneficial for you both
  • Fun songs and rhymes that can be incorporated
  • Ideas for sensory play

Where can I attend classes in Hersham?

There are a number of baby massage and baby yoga courses being run regularly in Hersham at Hersham Village Hall and Piglets Play Café. One to one sessions and private NCT/Antenatal group classes are also available both of which can be in the comfort of your own home.

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