What Next for Hersham? The Hersham Resident’s Association view


What Next for Hersham?

Why have the above changes been proposed?

It’s all linked to a plan to reduce the number of councillors across the council, which was first suggested by Elmbridge Council and now endorsed by the Boundaries Commission.

The planned reduction to 48 councillors affects the required population per cllr calculations which can only be re-balancedby substantially redrawing ward boundaries across the whole of Elmbridge including the long established boundaries of Hersham.

The Boundary Commission consultation proposals would make Hersham,as recognised on the ward maps, significantly smaller than it is now.

The following long established Hersham areas would no longer be in be in a Hersham ward:

  • Burhill Golf course
  • Whitley Village and the land alongside 7 Hills Rd
  • The Duke Rd area east of Mole Rd
  • and most notably, The Longmore Estate –and Hersham Library!

would become an Esher ward


The current proposals suggest a boundary between Hersham and Esher up most of the Molesey Road; as a result Hersham Library would be in Esher. Would Cllrs from Esher have the same passion about lobbying the County Council to keep the library open in future?

The HRA will be responding to this consultation –what are your commentson our ideas below?

The HRA response will make some comments and suggested changes to the commission’s suggestions –for example:-

We are likely to comment that the Longmore Estate would not ‘fit’with the Esher ward and should be included within Hersham.

We will comment too that Hersham library should be located in Hersham!

We will also suggest that the area east of Mole Road which under the current plans would be in Esher should be retained as part of Hersham by using the current boundary of the River Mole and the dual carriageway.

We might suggest that the new boundary to Hersham in the Turners Lane area be shifted westwards so as to include the Burhill golf club area. This area is sparely populated and would be unlikely to affect the population balance calculation in any significant way.

Your views really count, so please send them to the Boundaries Commission:

with a cc to by 19th August to give us time to take account of your views (before the commission’s deadline of August 24th)

Note you can also leave your comments on-line at their website.

HRA short flyer about boundary changes pdf

WHAT NEXT FOR HERSHAM HRA boundary changes information



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