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Bell Farm School – New Outdoor Classroom!

We are thrilled with our new forest school area and outdoor classroom that was installed at Bell Farm last week.

At Bell Farm we believe that in order for children to learn, progress and grow, they must be confident and encouraged to take risks and supported as they reflect to learn through their mistakes.

Through Forest Schools, children are given the true hands-on experience often missing in the classroom environment to manage risk and make their own decisions; we believe this enables the children to be truly confident learners.

With this purpose built, enclosed area including fire pit, we can maximise these opportunities for the children and offer more of these sessions throughout the year.

We will also be using this area to nurture and observe nature.

We will be holding an opening ceremony for the children later in the year to celebrate this wonderful new resource.


Bell Farm Parents Clear the Way for Forest Schools.


Bell Farm Primary School were very grateful to a group of its parents who spent a busy Saturday morning clearing their Forest Schools area a couple of weeks ago.

We are very proud of our Forest Schools area and are one of a few schools locally with this designated space.  However, in order to maximise its usage it does need to be kept in a manageable state.

This is where our wonderful group of parents came in.  They came armed with rakes, secateurs and spades and cleared, pruned and preened the area leaving it ready for the children to get the most out of their sessions.

Forest Schools is an outdoor learning concept which is designed to encourage and inspire learners of all ages and abilities.

It provides children with hands-on, practical experience immersed in the natural environment around them. Forest School is a long-term process which encourages children to develop risk management skills through independent learning opportunities using tools, fire and other resources which are rigorously risk-assessed and managed safely.

It is a professionally led experience facilitated by highly trained and qualified members of staff. Forest Schools is a flexible and holistic approach to learning which allows the children to be independent learners and where the process of the task is valued far beyond the outcome.

It is a skills based concept which provides invaluable opportunities for children to hone their communication, social and problem solving skills which are later transferable to other aspects of their lives.

At Bell Farm, children across the school will experience planned and exciting Forest Schools sessions throughout the year!

This will occur on a rolling programme so that every child has the opportunity to partake as it is important to keep Forest School class sizes small so that the children can receive the adult led input they require.


30 Hours at ‘Little Bluebells’

We are pleased to announce that from September 2018 Bell Farm Nursery “Little Bluebells” will be offering 30-hour nursery places as well as the current universal 15-hour nursery places.

Little Bluebells is committed to providing a safe, stimulating, and friendly learning environment where the child’s enjoyment is linked with discovery and learning.

We aim to foster a love of playing and experimenting within each child and inspire children to discover that learning is both fascinating and fun.

Our goal is to work in partnership with parents to the meet the individual needs of every child and support them in their learning journey; ensuring they are provided with carefully planned and fun-filled learning activities which will see them progress socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually.

A child can be admitted into our nursery class at the start of term following their third birthday if a space is available.

The 30-hour places will be available to those who qualify for the additional hours funding, but will also be available to those who don’t for a small hourly top up rate.

If you believe you meet the criteria for 30 hours free entitlement for 3-4 year old children, you must obtain an 11-digit eligibility code from HMRC. For details of how to apply for your code, go to

If you would like to register for a place at our Nursery, you can do so by contacting the school office to request an application form, or download and complete the application form from our website .

Any further enquiries can be directed to the Bell Farm School office.

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