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Better Body Pilates

Offering 16 Public Sessions in Hersham ,Walton, Esher and Weybridge

Better Body Training offers you a range of solutions to keep you moving freely whether you have back problems, are recovering from surgery, want to improve sports performance or simply feel tired and stressed from work.

Run by specialist Back Care Exercise Instructor and national trainer and presenter Jo Everill-Taylor, all sessions are taught by our highly skilled in-house team.

We can improve your Posture, Balance, Core Control and Body Confidence as you safely and effectively Stretch, Lengthen, Re-Align and Tone with our support.

Whether you’re looking for regular classes or private sessions we can tailor-make a programme to suit and enhance your lifestyle.

All of our courses are graded so you can find the right level for you whether you are a complete beginner or want to improve and progress.

Sessions range from Small Group Boutique (max 5 at our private studio in Hersham), through to pre-booked courses in local community and church halls.

See our full timetable here:

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Can’t commit to a course?

No problem we have a range of Pay as You Go sessions just for you!

Wednesday 10am: Stretch & Strength Pilates, St James Parish Centre, Weybridge

Thursday 7pm: Back Care Pilates, All Saints Catholic Church, Hersham

Thursday 8.15pm: Stretch & Strength Pilates, All Saints Catholic Church, Hersham


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Welcome to the world of “Groovelates”

Pilates-Inspired: The perfect blend of functional core work and funky, feel good vibes; where you’ll work your body top to toe whilst shaking your booty and grooving along to a feel-good, cheesy disco sound track from the 70s & 80’s.

Each session starts with standing, functional core and balance work with tracks to shape and tone those legs and butts.

We then move down to the floor to work on those abs, butts and backs, topped off with relaxing stretches and releases.

Low impact, fun and effective!

Bring your leg-warmers and a smile!!

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