We are very proud to announce First Touch as our supported charity


First Touch support sick and premature babies at St George’s hospital in London.

Babies born in the Hersham area needing specialist care will be transferred to St Georges and will directly benefit from the support provided by First Touch

Our daughter Emilia goes to nursery with Molly and it is hard to believe that her start in life was so challenging.

This is her story, as told by Molly’s Mum, Alice.molly_baby

When Molly was born she was immediately placed in an incubator and whisked into neonatal intensive care in St Georges Hospital in Tooting.  She was placed on life support and required various drugs to keep her stable (this picture is Molly 2 weeks old before her life saving surgery).

Molly has Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH) – a condition where a hole in the diaphragm allowed her stomach and bowel to move into her chest cavity restricting the growth of her lung. Doctors could not predict how efficient her lungs would be so no one knew if she would be able to breath when born. No one knows what causes CDH and those born with it have a 50% survival rate.

During her first 48 hours everything looked positive but then things changed and Molly was in a very critical condition. The doctors told us there was nothing more they could do – Molly needed to show some strength. Losing Molly was a real possibility so we took her hand and foot prints and a lock of hair for our memory box. We registered her birth as the idea of registering her birth and death on the same day was too unbearable to consider.

It took over 3 weeks before Molly was well enough to have surgery and it was so scary watching her being wheeled into theatre.

Molly’s recovery from surgery was amazing and she went from strength to strength. However, she did require numerous blood transfusions, blew a hole in her good lung, developed a hole in her heart and on Christmas Day was thought to have meningitus to top it all!
She finally came home after nearly 3 months in hospital and although has daily medication for her heart is now doing really well.

Spending time in intensive care watching your child battling for life is so tough. The equipment is expensive and the staff are amazing so please help us raise money for the intensive care unit.

First Touch is the charity that gives babies like Molly a chance to live, and here she is 3 years later!


Hersham Hub:  Every donation makes a difference, the machine that ventilated Molly to help her breathe costs over £25,000.
A specialist cot that Molly was put in costs £1,300.
A donation of just £10 will pay for a Christmas stocking for a baby on the unit.

If you are looking to fund raise for a local charity please consider First Touch,  if you would just like to make a donation please go to our just giving page:


If you would like to find out more about First Touch: www.first-touch.org.uk/

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