Mini Minds Tennis

Education and Fun Tennis Classes for Children in Weybridge, Esher & Cobham

Mini Minds Tennis uses sport and its unique meta-learning approach to help children master their internal world for learning, performance and life!

Our Approach:

We believe children learn better when learning is made relevant and tailored to their personal experiences.  We encourage children to explore their own thoughts, feeling and ideas so that they become self-aware learners. We believe that an organic and personal understanding of the activity the child engages in is at the core of deep learning. That is where each child’s individuality and motivation can flourish, unlocking their full potential.

This is facilitated by:


Where the coach scaffolds the child’s thinking around our lesson themes and learning so that they are making the connections for themselves and internalising the information from their experiences and interpretations.


Coaches are trained to give honest feedback in a way that emphasises the learning process so that the child feels empowered and knows how to take their development to the level.

Lesson structure:

Our lessons are broken up into stop and start stages. Games, concepts and reflections are discussed in this time which really cements learning and gives the child a clear understanding of what the aims and objectives of each game are.


Specially designed equipment that allows us to map games and activities to the child’s developmental needs, as well as make learning fun and relevant.



Our approach most importantly delivers our unique meta-learning curriculum where lessons are themed around empowering ideas and learning tools.



Our Pathways

Mini Minds Tennis (ages 3-6)

Mini Minds tennis (3-6-year-olds) has the main goal of introducing children to sports and learning in a friendly and fun way whilst laying some key foundations for future learning and development.



Mighty Minds Tennis (ages 7-9)

Meta Minds tennis (6-10 years old) begins to introduce self-guided practice where the children are introspecting and taking pro-active steps to improve their own learning whilst tackling tasks in their own unique way



Meta Minds Tennis (ages 10+)

Coming soon!



Weybridge Park (Churchfields Rec), KT13 8DB
Cobham Rec, KT11 2AY
Esher, Civic Centre Courts, KT10 9SD


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