Pizza at The Barley Mow!

Pizza at The Barley Mow!

A number of people have been asking in The Hersham Hub Facebook Group about the new stone baked pizza’s being offered at The Barley Mow!

Being the selfless, altruistic and natural people pleaser that I am I thought I would ‘take one for the team’ and reluctantly dragged myself down to the pub on a sunny afternoon to try them out!

It was also a great excuse to check out the new decking and kids play area!

Now I would normally go straight for the spicy option but having overdone it on the chilli sauce from the Hersham Kebab Centre on the Friday before (which was, as always, delicious by the way) I thought twice, played safe and went for the  ‘The Works’ and Beth went for the ‘Simply Salami’…

We thought Emilia was going to join us with a fancy pizza but instead she went for the Pizza, Chips and Garlic Bread from the kids menu – always a favourite! (her friend Amelie helped with the Garlic Bread!)

As you can see there is a huge selection to choose from and if you aren’t quite up to finishing off the 12′ there is a smaller 8’ version available.

The pizzas arrived in good time (impressive for a busy Saturday afternoon) and delivered with the usual warmth and friendliness from the staff.

The Pizza’s

The pizza’s were really, really tasty!

I always prefer a thin base and the bases of these stone baked pizza’s were thin and crispy – exactly how I like them.

As you can see from the pictures below the toppings were generous and clearly made from very high quality ingredients.

I went for the 8′ which was just about the right size for me as I we were eating earlier than usual to enjoy the last of the days sun – a later sitting and I could have happily polished off the 12′.

The Works

Smoked speck ham, cured Italian Napoli salami, fennel sausage, Barrel & Stone tomato sauce and Fior di Latte mozzarella.

Simply Salami

Delicious cured Italian Napoli salami with tangy Barrel & Stone tomato sauce and Fior di Latte Mozzarella.

We were really pleased with the pizzas and will DEFINITELY be back for a second round – next time i’m definitely tackling the ‘Nice N’ Spicy’ – and don’t skimp on the heat!

Sinead – when is the delivery service starting 😉

As I mentioned before I was also going for a nosy around the recently renovated outside area.

If you have been to The Barley Mow recently you would have seen that the side area has been completely decked with tables and booths providing extra outside seating – a little tip, if you are going after 4pm the side area is a fantastic little sun trap!

They have also upgraded the children’s play area at The Barley Mow – the slide is super speedy!

If the weather isn’t ideal for al fresco dining then there is always plenty going on inside – if you are a sports or live music fan there really is nowhere better locally!

Full calendar of sports and live music events.

(The resident Wednesday night jazz band Blue Moon must be experienced!)

With great food, top notch service, excellent facilities, and friendly staff  The Barely Mow is definitely one to visit!

Don’t just take our word for it – pop along and give their wonderful stone baked pizzas a try – you won’t be disappointed!




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