Surrey County Council Elections – Who’s Who in Hersham!?

Surrey County Council Elections

Who’s Who in Hersham!?

Is it that time again already?

It only seems like it was last year that we were all being asked to make our way to the ballot boxes to pencil in an ‘X’ against a name to represent your interests in Hersham.

Wait you all cry, it was last year, and the year before! And now we have two in two months!

This time, on May the 4th, it’s the turn of Surrey County Council and, as always, we have invited those nominated to supply a short personal statement and link to their manifesto.

Below you can find, in the order we have received their personal statement, the Hersham candidates:


Olivia Palmer – Green Party

I am proud to stand as the Green Party candidate for Hersham in the upcoming Surrey County Council elections.

In 2015 I became the first Green Party Candidate to stand in Parliamentary elections for Esher and Walton. Since then, I have continued my mission to help promote environmentalism and equality within the area.

Last year in the Hersham ward elections I beat the Liberal Democrats, Labour and UKIP. This means in Hersham Ward the Green Party are the leading mainstream political party to rival the Conservatives.

The growing success of the Green Party is no coincidence, Hersham faces many environmental threats. Traffic in the local area is ever increasing. The recent decision to cut bus services served only to exacerbate the situation. The resulting pollution is putting lives at risk.

No promises have been made over how Hersham (nor surrounding areas) will be protected from the noise and traffic resulting in Heathrow expansion. New flats are often built but due concern is not being given to the environmental impact or affordability of these buildings.

I am a member of Elmbridge Friends of the Earth and have joined them in promoting local and national campaigns. One of our most popular campaigns has been to save the bees in keeping the ban on neonicotinoids (pesticides that kill bees). We are currently undergoing a local air monitoring project to track pollution levels in Elmbridge.

I also volunteer locally for two charities, one supporting animal welfare and the other enriching the lives of local people with learning disabilities.

The Green Party currently have one councillor on the Surrey County Council who has been excellent in standing up for environmental and social justice.

The Green Party continues to promote divestment from fossil fuels on the council.

We really need more Green Councillors to achieve our vision of a greener and fairer Surrey, please see our Green Party Manifesto for Surrey for more details.

You can follow Olivia Palmer on Facebook and Twitter.


John O’Reilly – Local Conservatives

I’ve been a Hersham resident for over 25 years and am always accessible, by phone, e-mail, or on the bike around the Village (seeing first-hand the pothole menace!) or running in Coronation Rec and using its brilliant new Green gym!

I represented Hersham on Elmbridge Borough Council for 11 years, serving as its leader for six years, protecting services, increasing grants to the voluntary sector and freezing council tax for four years.

Parking and the state of Hersham’s roads are among my top priorities. I will not over-promise and under-deliver but will fight for Hersham to receive a fair share of limited resources. I support early re-surfacing of the Queens Road, particularly from Green Lane to the Westcar Lane roundabout. And we must get the Hersham parking review right – I have had meetings with residents in Roydon Court, Assher Road, Old Esher Road, and Russett Close to hear their concerns at first hand.

Whiteley Village is one of Hersham’s many jewels in the crown. I will be its champion on the council and will work with residents to improve its bus services.

Our local schools, businesses, the hugely popular Hersham Youth Centre, Library and voluntary groups will all receive my enthusiastic support.

I’ve been out and about meeting residents and several messages are already becoming clear. There is widespread unhappiness at the lights being turned off at midnight. This does need to be reviewed: in financial terms the savings are peanuts. Also the state of the roads (no surprise) and there is anger at Elmbridge councillors increasing their allowances when vital services are under threat.

Surrey is facing tremendous financial challenges, particularly on social care and schools. It can and must do better and become more efficient. The additional money for the budget for the former is a welcome start and I am convinced this would not have been forthcoming had Surrey not made the public stand it did.

I pledge to be a vigorous and accessible representative for all Hersham residents if you do me the honour of being elected to serve as your county Councillor on May 4th.

John’s Six Point Plan for Hersham

  1. Improving Hersham’s Roads. Although money is tight, Hersham must get its fair share of resources for proper resurfacing. Several roads have been improved, but others are in poor condition. Full resurfacing of Queens Road is a priority.
  2. Getting Hersham’s on street parking right. Many residents are frustrated with the present arrangements in their roads. As the parking review for Hersham commences I will make sure your voices are heard and improvements delivered.
  3. Protecting our Bus Services Another review takes place in the summer and I will campaign for specific enhancements such as an evening service for the 564 and the extension of the 555 service to Whiteley Village.
  4. Ensuring the Best Education Hersham is blessed with popular schools with high standards and they will have my full support. I will do everything in my power to ensure sufficient places so that parents can exercise real choices for their children’s education.
  5. Taking a Personal Lead. As Surrey battles the adverse financial climate, its Councillors must set an example. I will vote to REDUCE councillor allowances, unlike the disgraceful decision by the HVS members on Elmbridge Council to increase theirs by 12.4%.
  6. Making an even better Hersham The opening of the Lidl store next year is most welcome and we must work to attract more good businesses and shops. Hersham Library is a community treasure and should be extended to have a meeting room.

You can find a copy of John’s 6 point manifesto here

You can follow John O’Reilly on Twitter and on Facebook



Peter Ramsbottom – The Labour Party

Hello, I am Peter Ramsbottom. I’m standing as the Labour Party candidate for Hersham. I live and work in Elmbridge having moved in 2014 from Weybridge to marry Anthea Butler, who was brought up in Hersham. Having originally worked in the Steel Industry I later became Self Employed and have continued as such ever since.

The political scene is one where there is much need of a voice to stand up for goodness and fairness, and to speak against callousness, selfishness, greed, and hatred. I want to be able to exercise that voice for good and to demand that better mental qualities be employed in Government, both locally, nationally, internationally, on behalf of all of us.

In order for Government to work properly there should be strong leadership and an effective opposition. With only one Labour Councillor out of 82 in Surrey County Council, we all need a greater Labour presence. Give me the opportunity to speak up against the wrongs that are taking place., and to put forward a gentler, more caring, and merciful approach to Government.

Surrey County Council needs an opposition, a voice to speak up and tell them when they are wrong, and someone who will call them to account when they propose such measures as imposing the cuts insisted upon by their colleagues in National Government, making survival even more difficult for the most vulnerable in our society.

We also need to put the proper, permanent, repair of road surfaces and pavements high on the agenda. There are far too many potholes, people are getting hurt and vehicles damaged.

I care what happens to my neighbours, and I trust that you do too. Give me the chance to take your sense of duty and care into the corridors of power in Surrey.

Only the Labour Party can be trusted with effective, inclusive, policies for Social Care, Housing, Roads and Transport, and the Education of our children and grandchildren. I am proud of Labour’s record in these essential services and will strive, with your support, to oppose any proposed cuts in services where they would harm the needy. I will also work to ensure an increase in vital services for all of our neighbours in Hersham.

Make your vote count on May 4th. Use it, and be part of a force for good. Vote Labour.!

Visit www.whlp.org.uk for more information.

Peter Ramsbottom    The Labour Party Candidate  for Hersham




Michael Smith – Liberal Democrats

I have lived in Elmbridge with my wife Jane for the last 14 years and, having served as Chair of the local Liberal Democrat party for 5 years, have become very aware of the problems and issues facing local residents.

My background working as a director in international companies has made me increasingly frustrated at the poor service delivered by the Conservative administration on Surrey County Council. Whether it be the provision of school places, the maintenance of roads or on social care, the Conservatives are failing local people.

Even more worrying is the failure to budget effectively, with the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy reporting only last December that “The Council’s financial plans are not robust and it is at risk of becoming financially unsustainable”

We need a change in County Hall and we need to review how we organise local government to be more responsive to local needs. For that I want to see unitary authorities and I, and the Liberal Democrats, wholeheartedly support the move to create a Community Council for Hersham.




You can find out who has been nominated for Hersham, and across the borough, here Statement of persons nominated 5.4.2017 (1)

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