The Great Hersham Bake Off!


The Great Hersham Bake Off Competition!

OK…..so its not exactly The Great Hersham Bake Off more like The Great British Bake Off Predictions Competition but that didn’t sound so good…..anyway, it should be a lot of fun and we’ll raise some money for The Walton and Hersham Foodbank so what’s in a name!

Hersham Bake Off Competition Rules

Entry in to the Great Hersham Bake Off costs a one off £10 donation to the Foodbank via the link below.


The outright winner at the end of the current series will be the person with the most points and will win a bottle of champagne donated by Hersham Waitrose!

Is we enter final week, the current leaderboard stands at:


The show starts on Wednesday the 24th, we won’t start scoring points till the week after to allow everyone to see what the bakers in the tent have to offer!

Following the first show, if there is any dramatic change in format we may adjust the scoring rules.

Its a weekly prediction, We will send out a reminder email on the preceding Sunday, entries for that week must be in no later than 7pm on the day of the show.

Please leave your name and email address below to be included in competition updates!

How are points scored?

What a great question

There will be the opportunity to score (and lose) points each week based on your pre-show predictions.

Weekly Points:

3 Points for correctly guessing that weeks Star Baker.

3 points for correctly guessing the Baker leaving the tent.

-5 points if your predicted Star Baker gets asked to leave the tent.

If you do not send in any predictions you will be assigned the lowest persons score, this could be a negative amount.

We will send out a reminder email on the preceding Sunday, entries for that week must be in no later than 7pm the following Wednesday

Overall Winner:

(this is optional and is only open between weeks 1 and 2)

15 points for correctly guessing the overall winner

-5 points if your overall winner gets evicted at any point during the series

-20 points if your choice of overall winner gets disqualified

(Cheating, Sabotage, Scandal, etc, etc…)


Tie Breaker:

In the event of a tie in the leaderboard once the overall winner is announced the Tie Breaker will decide our competition winner.

We have randomly selected a number between 1 and 1000 – this will not change and has been timestamped 21st August 21:55.

You will be asked to choose a number between 1 and 1000, the closest wins, in the event of this being a tie the number lower will win.

League Tables

We will publish the weekly league table on this page, we will also send the table out via email to interested parties as well as sharing details across all of our social media channels.
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