Local Fitness Classes in Hersham, Esher, Walton-on-Thames and Weybridge

There are lots of fantastic options for fitness and exercise classes around Hersham, Esher, Weybridge and Walton on Thames.

With Yoga, Zumba, Pilates, Beginners Running Club, Personal Training and Sports Massage there really is something for everyone!


FitStart – Dedicated To Family Fitness

Our aim is to make family fitness a priority keeping you and your little ones healthy and active, inspiring you to keep moving and leaving you feeling energised and motivated.

At FitStart you will find numerous ways to help improve your family’s fitness either separately or together, creating a family fitness plan need not be complicated or overwhelming, its physical activity that is fun.

Circuit Training Classes

A full body work out including cardio, body weights and using various equipment such as weights, kettle balls, stepper and balance ball.

The class structure varies each week but is guaranteed to incorporate exercise’s that will use all muscle groups

Monday’s 13:00 Vine Hall East Molesey
Friday’s 10:20 Vine Hall East Molesey

FitStart – Dedicated to Family Fitness


Duncan Harding Sports Massage & Fitness Coach

I can help you feel fitter, stronger and more confident!

I am a personal trainer AND a sports massage therapist so I am very qualified to help you towards a happier lifestyle by taking care of all aspect of your body transformation!

My approach is to see what works best for you and setting realistic fitness goals, whether it be building lean muscle, cutting body fat or just moving and feeling better.

As a trained sports masseur I have a great understanding of the human body with particular experience of working with professional rugby players, runners and cyclists.

Whatever your lifestyle , if you want to keep fit, or if you have an injury or pain, I can design exercises to help.

Find out more on my page here:

Duncan Harding Sports Massage and Fitness Coach



Barbara Currie’s Yoga

Barbara Currie has been teaching Yoga for many years and has become one of the UK’s leading experts in this field.

Her aim is to help as many people as possible reap the incredible benefits of Yoga which include vibrant positive health, energy, flexibility, fabulous body shape, peace of mind and ability to relax.

All this has been achieved though her Yoga school, with the aid of videos, books, radio and television appearances and magazine articles.

Barbara Currie has daily classes in Surrey held in Oxshott, Esher and Walton on Thames.

Oxshott Classes

Oxshott Village Centre, Holtwood Road, Oxshott, Surrey. KT22 OQJ

Esher Classes

King Georges Hall, Civic Centre, Esher, Surrey. KT10 9RA

Walton on Thames Classes

Elm Grove Hall, Hersham Road, Walton-on-Thames, Surrey. KT12 1LH

Find out more on my page here:

Barbara Currie Yoga Classes – Esher Walton Oxshott


Zumba Classes by FC Fitness

Zumba classes by FC Fitness are probably the most fun you will have getting/keeping fit and healthy. You will lose yourself for an hour with fantastic upbeat music whilst working up a sweat doing simple choreographed moves. Most people are nervous when they first come but soon forget about any worries.


Tuesdays 19:00 – 20:00 West End Village Hall, Esher

Coming to our Zumba classes you WILL:

* Burn calories
* Give your body a great workout
* Tone up
* Make friends
* Laugh and have fun!!!

First class is free. Thereafter, it is either £7.00 per class or £60.00 for 10.

Find out more on my page here:

Zumba Classes with FC Fitness


Riverside Rebels

Fun & Friendly Beginners Running Group

Voted Elmbridge Sports Club of the Year 2016 and Elmbridge Sports Team of the Year 2017, Riverside Rebels is a fun and friendly running group created specifically for beginners.

Sessions are designed for people of all shapes and sizes who want to laugh, learn and run together in a relaxed and nurturing atmosphere.

The 10 week 0-5k programme is perfect for complete beginners or those of you who might have tried before but struggled alone and given up.  With a combination of fun exercises, walking and running, over the course of 10 weeks it will take you from sofa to superstar with manageable and enjoyable sessions you can take at your own pace.

Riverside Rebels are currently offering the following groups:

Cowey Sale, Walton:

Monday 7.30pm – 5k maintenance and 5-10k
Tuesday 7.30pm – 5k maintenance and 5-10k
Wednesday 7.30pm – 3-5k
Wednesday 9.30am 5k maintenance and 5-10k
Thursday 0-5k beginners 7.30pm
Friday 0-5k beginners 9.30am

West End Recreation Ground, Esher

Wednesday 7.30pm 5k maintenance and 5-10k

Find out more on our page here:

Riverside Rebels Local Running Group



Whether you’re looking to improve your posture, strength, balance, mobility and flexibility, reduce pain and/or stress relief or simply looking to keep fit in a small, fun group environment then All4Pilates can certainly help you achieve this.

Classes are tailored and suitable for complete beginners to those looking to improve their Pilates skills.

If you’re currently pregnant our prenatal class is specifically designed for pregnant women in their first, second or third trimester. This is also a great opportunity to meet other expecting mums and have a chat afterwards and share experiences and tips over a coffee!

For those wishing to boost their confidence and skills prior to joining a class then a private one-to-one session will get you started on the right track. Please contact me for further details.

I am a fully qualified instructor, fully insured and REPS registered.

Small, fun group environment, males and females, mixed ages and abilities.

No equipment needed as everything, including mats and props, are provided for.  Just ensure you wear comfortable clothing (not too loose fitting) and socks.

Pilates classes are currently held at

  • Hersham Baptist Church, Arch Road, Hersham, KT12 4QR
  • Walton Baptist Church, 4 Winchester Road, Walton-on-Thames, KT12 2RG

Find out more on our page here:

All4Pilates Pilates Classes in Walton on Thames and Hersham




Better Body Pilates

Better Body Pilates offers you a range of solutions to keep you moving freely whether you have back problems, are Pregnant/Post Natal, recovering from surgery, want to improve sports performance or simply feel tired and stressed from work.

Run by specialist Back Care Exercise Instructor and national trainer and presenter Jo Everill-Taylor, all sessions are taught by our highly skilled in-house team.

We can improve your Posture, Balance, Core Control and Body Confidence as you safely and effectively Stretch, Lengthen, Re-Align and Tone with our support.

Whether you’re looking for regular classes or private sessions we can tailor-make a programme to suit and enhance your lifestyle.

All of our courses are graded so you can find the right level for you whether you are a complete beginner or want to improve and progress.

Sessions range from Small Group Boutique (max 5 at our private studio in Hersham), through to pre-booked courses in local community and church halls.

We are fully qualified, REPS registered and insured. Please call Jo if you need further advice 07957571513

Find out more on our page here:

Pilates Classes – Hersham, Walton-on-Thames, Weybridge, Esher

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