Hersham Village Hall To Reopen


Hersham Village Hall To Reopen

Update June 2020

Delighted to see that despite the last ditched attempt to oppose this reopening by the Elmbridge LibDems this planned reopening has now been given the formal go ahead.

Thanks again to Cllr Roy Green for his robust defence of the commitment to reopening this much missed community facility last September – very well supported by Cllr Tannia Shipley (You can see the webcast of the meeting in which this was opposed further down).

Press Release from Elmbridge Borough Council:

“Following consultation with residents, business owners and local Councillors, it has been agreed that Hersham Village Hall will receive a £650K refurbishment and will re-open when work is complete and Government guidelines allow.

In 2016, the council commissioned a condition survey of Hersham Village Hall which identified several serious fire safety issues needing immediate attention.

Due to the very significant work needed in the hall and the associated costs, the difficult decision was taken to close Hersham Village Hall. However, residents can now look forward to the re-opening of the hall (when Government guidelines allow for community halls to reopen).

Works will begin towards the end of June and are expected to take 18-20 weeks (which allow for current Government guidelines reconstruction to be implemented).

When it does re-open, users can expect a redecorated main hall which will include a refreshed kitchen, new toilets and heating facilities, as well as redecoration throughout.

Councillor Janet Turner, Chair of the Member Reference Groups responsible for Hersham Village Hall is delighted that Hersham Village Hall will once again be a community facility:

“Hersham Village Hall is a much loved community facility, able to host a variety of activities from indoor football classes, to pilates groups, birthday parties and group meetings to name but a few. I am delighted that Hersham will once again be able to benefit from this community hub.”

Parking restrictions

While work progresses at Hersham Village Hall there will be parking restrictions in place at the entrance to the hall to allow for contractor vehicles and access to the site.


There are four main lettable areas in the hall:

• Main hall – the largest multi-purpose room, approximately 200m2, which could hold around 200 people if set up with theatre style seating

• Lounge area, approximately 45m2, can be linked to the main hall via a concertina partition and could be used independently or separately.

• The newly refurbished kitchen and bar link to both the main hall and lounge.

• On the first floor there are two multi-purpose rooms (approximately 70m2 and 80m2), the smaller room has a kitchenette attached.

• There are changing facilities with showers for when the main hall is used for sporting activities and a lift to the first floor.

There is parking at the hall and it is accessible on public transport via the 458, 514, 515, 555 bus routes. Bike racks are also available at the hall.

Hiring the hall : We will wait for Government guidelines on the re-opening of community halls.”

Elmbridge Borough Council Cabinet : 18th September 2019

Update September 2019

Following last nights meeting of the full Elmbridge Borough Council Cabinet where the decision to re-open the Hersham Village Hall next year was to be debated and confirmed it was extremely disappointing to see Liberal Democrat Cllr for Claygate Mary Marshall argue against, and refusing to support, the reopening of The Hersham Village Hall as planned next year (a view supported in her absence by Liberal Democrat Cllr for Walton South Christine Elmer).

This was followed by a very strong performance and robust defence by Cllr Roy Green of the promise and commitment  made to Hersham residents, following numerous public meetings and a public consultation where Hersham residents made abundantly clear that their overriding desire was to see the Hersham Village Hall open as a matter of urgency.

Thank you also to Cllr Tannia Shipley who spoke passionately in support of the community value both the Hersham Village Hall and the attached Day Centre, which would also fall victim, should the cabinet fail to approve reopening as promised.

Update March 2019

Following consultation with Hersham residents in January 2019, the Hersham Village Hall councillor group, made up of Hersham ward councillors, as well as councillors representing community and social affairs, resources and leisure and culture, has considered the responses carefully and has agreed to recommend to Elmbridge Borough Council the re-opening of Hersham Village Hall.

Hersham ward councillors expressed the overwhelming wish of Hersham residents which was for the village hall to be re-opened. The responses from residents also made it very clear that, although affordable housing was needed and wanted, Hersham has recently had more than its share of new developments.

Accordingly, at the Hersham Village Hall councillor group meeting on 12 March, it was agreed unanimously to listen to the Hersham residents and to progress the plans to re-open Hersham Village Hall.

The Council will now work out detailed proposals to re-open the hall and report to the Cabinet in July 2019 so that funding can be secured. It is thought this will be a 12-18 month project, meaning the hall will reopen in 2020.

Cllr James Browne, the Leader of Elmbridge Borough Council said; “Hersham residents have made it very clear that they want their village hall to be re-opened and we have listened to them.”


Hersham Village Hall – Consultation

Elmbridge Council have today (January 4th) opened up a ‘Community Survey’ to hear your views on what facilities Hersham needs for the Hersham Community site which comprises of the Hersham village hall, the Hersham Centre for the Community and the public car park.

The survey will be open till January the 25th* after which the results will be reviewed and possible options for the site developed for a further consultation with the Hersham community in late winter, early spring 2019.

*now extended to the 28th January

Having just completed the survey myself it took less than 5 minutes with 4 or 5 straight forward questions and some additional comments fields.

Very clear, quick and simple to complete (Surrey County Council take note!)

To complete the survey please click the link directly below:

Hersham Community Site Survey

A paper version of the survey will also be sent to all Hersham residents.Paper copies can also be completed at the Hersham Centre for the Community and the Hersham Library.

Additional support to complete the survey will be available on the following locations / dates:

  • Hersham Centre for the Community – Friday 11 January 10.30 – 11.30am
  • Hersham Centre for the Community – Monday 14 January 5pm to 7pm
  • Hersham Library – Tuesday 15 January, 3.30pm-4.30pm

From the Community Survey page:

“The Hersham Centre for the Community and hall site are now over thirty years old. The village hall is closed due to its condition, as well as concerns regarding health and safety. However, following investment in 2017 the Hersham Centre for the Community is open and actively used.

At Elmbridge Borough Council we believe there is the potential to provide enhanced, fit for purpose community space on this site and to also consider other uses including social, health, housing and leisure. With this in mind, we have commissed a feasibility study to consider a wide range of options for the site.

However, before we start on any project, we would like to listen to you and to understand your needs through the following questionnaire. Please note all options are being considered for this site, including a refurbishment and reopen option for the village hall.”

From Elmbridge Borough Council:

Councillor Tim Oliver, Leader of Elmbridge Borough Council, is keen to hear from the Hersham community; “This is an important issue for the people of Hersham. As I have been talking to people over these last few months, they have told me of the value they place on their community and the facilities within it. I encourage everyone who lives, works and visits Hersham to complete the survey and let us know your views.”


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