The Funpackers – Friday 13th – Twickenham Comedy Act

The Funpackers – Twickenham Comedy Act

Last month we (literally) stumbled across a comedy act called The Funpackers doing their monthly show whilst we were out and about in Twickenham.

The Funpackers describe themselves as “an innovative three piece comedy team who currently run South West London’s top anarchic variety night at Patchworks, The Cabbage Patch, Twickenham.”

Having witnessed them in action they are the comedy glue which knits all the other acts together into a seamless, multi layered show rather than a series of disparate performers walking on stage doing their act and walking off again which is so often the case in some of the West End Comedy nights.

There was a lot of variety and a fair share of actual comedy too in what turned out to be a very entertaining night – with the occasional discomforting thread where you are led down a rather dark rabbit hole of invective and left wondering where (and when) this will end up.

On the night there was a lot packed (no pun intended) into the show.

They held a raffle (a bit random) with prizes that they probably (definitely) stole from their parents.

I seem to remember a Wet Wet Wet record (yes an actual vinyl record) – I don’t even think it was the best Wet Wet Wet album (if there is one).

They also gave away the soundtrack to The Sound of Music (I suspect the winner of this one may have a bit of an antique in years to come)

As an aside I am still looking for someone who can get me the autograph of Julie Andrews (ex Walton and Hersham resident) for a rather persistent follower of The Hersham Hub from Italy who emails me every month or so asking if I’ve got it yet.

Another ‘prize’ was the autobiography of Theo Paphitis which was in in my view a little benign but that was probably the intention – if they were looking for a comedy corporate villain perhaps Phillip Green or Cap’n Bob Maxwell would have hit a more topical and controversial note – (for reference if anyone does have a Robert or Ghislaine Maxwell signed manuscript please contact me, and me alone, especially if it mentions Prince Andrew.)

A good touch was the ‘One Minute Talent‘ where members of the audience get to showcase their own ‘talent’ on stage, the flip side to this is they can instead suggest something for a member of The Funpackers to do.

Not sure if Funpacker Kev ever did manage to break his way out of the cocoon of cling film he got wrapped in but he was still at it once I’d taken a toilet break, grabbed a beer and got back to my seat – on reflection he actually looked to be quite enjoying it.

Overall I found the variety of line up great value at just £7 and I’m delighted to say there were no clowns present that night (well, apart from the obvious…)

Other acts they had on the night were:

Vanessa Hammick
Laura Mackenzie
Jake Baker
Olley Matthews
Blake AJ
Emma Shaw
Laura Thomas

After the show we got chatting to comedy lynch-pin Funpacker Ant (No, not that one) and asked if he’d keep us up to date with any future shows.

Since the comedy nights stopped at the Hersham Sports and Social there has been a scarcity of decent comedy locally so I’m delighted to say Funpacker Ant was true to his word and you can see details of their next show this Friday (September 13th) below:

The Funpackers return for their next run of shows at the Patchworks, Cabbage Patch, Twickenham starting on Friday September 13th. There will be the usual sketches, one minute talent and raffle from the Funpackers themselves.

To compliment this we will have three brilliant newer acts, Stella Graham, Loz Vieux and Shane Malone, we also have the hilarious Sy Thomas and our incredible headliner Patrick Monahan.

Here’s a taste of what to expect: 


Patrick has just completed a sell out run at the Edinburgh Fringe where he played to 2000 people a night so the opportunity to see him at our more intimate venue is not to be missed.

     Click here for ticket details!     





Funpackers Sep 13th Flyer

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